Review of FrSky X8R Receiver and comparison between X8R Pro Receiver

The FrSky X8R is identical in every thanks to the X8R Pro receiver, physically. The FrSky X8R may be a receiver that's mainly targetted towards planes and bigger size quads or crafts where size isn't a constraint and where you would like pure PWM pins than S.Bus or PPM. The X8R features a plastic cover to guard it against the weather (which you'll remove to save lots of space and weight, Well again you chose X8R because both these aren't a concern).

Frsky Receiver Manual - into a smart guide

A manual is an important part of a product and the easiness of a manual makes the product to be used in the best and efficient way by having a knowledge and understanding of the product. If you have to use a product in the right way, it is pretty difficult without a manual. And if it is a product that you haven’t ever seen, then the chances are rare if you can get it into working in the way it should work. As we know, there is much room for improvement in the Frsky Receiver Manual. 

Which are the FrSky D8 Receivers- Are They Outdated?

What is FrSky D8 Mode? FrSky has developed some communication protocols and D8, D16, LR12 are some of the communication protocols. A receiver and a transmitter have to be in the same communication protocol for it to get bound. D8 is an old protocol and most of the D8 receivers are discontinued till date. 

FrSky XM Plus Receiver- Everything you would like to understand

FrSky XM Plus receiver is one among the littlest receiver that was ever released and it only weighs 1.5g which is incredibly . This receiver has the littlest foot print of the FrSky receivers. it's light weight and tiny, hence it are often used anywhere there's a weight and space constraints. Tiny whoops and micro, mini quads are best suited applications of this receiver.

FrSky Taranis Firmware For X9D Plus

With this new tutorial for the X9D Plus, we shall look into how to update the radio FrSky Taranis Firmware for the X9D plus with the OpenTX radio firmware and its companion application in order to have the latest version of the ever popular open-source firmware for RC radios. The OpenTX platform brings over all the features of the stock firmware of the Taranis, the FrOS and couples that with an unfathomable set of additional features, which you mostly wouldnt even use . Some of the noteworthy additions are the ability to use LUA scripts for your Taranis QX7 in order to control your FPV video transmitter settings such as the channel, band, power out; flight modes, rates, expo etc of your flight controller.