In today's article we will talk about the frsky x10s carbon emitters special edition in carbon texture.

This station is the evolution of the standard horus x10 carbon, but this version incorporates some extra improvements. This station incorporates the system to use 18650 liion batteries so that we have a greater autonomy than that offered by the original battery of this rc station.

This frsky horus x10s carbon transmitter incorporates an improved lcd screen than the old model. Their gimbals have also been replaced by others that offer us greater precision in their movements.

This frsky horus x10s carbon is compatible with the acess system and with acest in d16 mode. It has 24 active channels. Its latency is really low, it is compatible with open tx and frskyos software and it allows to verify RF noise in radio waves.

This transmitter incorporates the student teacher trainer system wirelessly, compatible with the frsky free link application. This station is very complete and therefore is compatible with all types of aircraft such as drones, helicopters, airplanes, fixed wings


It has dimensions of 213 * 225 * 112, weighs only 950 950g without counting the battery, supports open tx and frskyos software, incorporates an internal module ISRM-S-X10, incorporates 24 logical channels, works in a voltage range between 6.5v and 8.4v, in operation it consumes a current of 240mhA at 7.4V.

Resolution of the backlit lcd screen 480 * 272.It is compatible with receivers of the acess and accest d16 range.This station incorporates two internal antennas and the possibility of placing an external antenna that is two mountable and when using the 3 antennas to the Once they create a robust link and a more robust signal emission and reception,

In the front part it incorporates high precision gimbals, this facilitates having a greater control of our plane or our drone, it also incorporates a color lcd screen that allows us to place a photo of our aircraft. It also allows us to view all the information of our flight in a just glance.

In the upper part it incorporates 3 potentiometers that can be used to operate the camera stabilizer of a drone for example or to change flight modes, or to activate the buzzer among many other options. near the gimbals it incorporates trim switches that will serve to correct and adjust when our device deviates from its path.

 For example, if the drone deviates to the right with the trim button we will correct to the left. In the front central part it incorporates the on / off button with safe mode. This prevents us from turning off the station accidentally or inadvertently.

To navigate through the menus, it incorporates 2 circles, one on the left and one on the right of the screen, these 2 circles allow us to move within the station's menus and set the parameters to our liking. In my view, I think it is a great bance and allows you to navigate through the menus more quickly and easily.

In the back of the frsky hous x10s carbon we find the hole where we can place if we need an internal module or a multiprotocol type r9m, crossfire others ...

Also in the back it incorporates an opening with a cover where the lion's 18650 batteries will be placed.These batteries allow a longer time of flight enjoyment, thus improving the performance of the ni-mh and lipo batteries.

Its construction quality is very good and the materials used for it are of very good quality. In my opinion, I consider it a perfect station because it is the most versatile station of the brand and in my opinion it is more manageable than its older sister, the horus x12s. the frsky hous x10s carbon fits in any flight backpack as if it were a taranis qx7