Accessories that improve the performance of radio-controlled planes/drones and the overall flight experience are being sought more and more by both RC hobbyists and drone enthusiasts, and with this in mind, FrSky has developed a new 2.4 GHz RC transmitter antenna to meet their demands: the Infinity 24 Directional Antenna.

Sporting a BiQuad antenna configuration, the FrSky Infinity 24 Antenna was designed to solve connection problems between transmitters and receptors, improving the overall quality of communications. This makes it an ideal tool for flights out in the open and consolidates its position as a great investment for long outdoors flights.

Additionally, as has come to be expected from an FrSky product, this RC transmitter antenna improves the experience and performance of every device in your RC set: it enhances the range of your aircraft and transmitter, augments the signal to the receiver and maximizes the potential of your FrSky 2.4 GHz radio/module. The antenna is available on for just $14.30.

Directional antenna

The Infinity is designed as a directional antenna, i.e., it offers a stronger signal and a longer range in the direction the aircraft is positioned, supporting a higher flight performance with more possibilities of maneuvering. Thus, by supplying power to a specific direction, the aircraft will be more controllable in that orientation.

The image below offers a glimpse at what the technology behind the antenna provides: directivity, a property that refers to the instrument’s capacity of picking up radio waves in a specific direction. In this device, the forward direction (positive Z) picks up the waves coming from the receptor, boasting better signals and higher ranges.

3D Radiation patterns

This doesn’t mean that the antenna only works in one direction, however. As you can see below, antenna-receptor interactions are possible in every direction, with the forward position (the graph on the right) working under a tighter spread. As such, this multidirectionality with augmented direction sets the Infinity 24 antenna apart from its competitors.

Design with user experience in mind

The following points go deeper into some technical specifications of the Infinity 24 and they will help you understand why they set this antenna apart:

  • Frequency range: the antenna operates at a frequency known as Ultra High Frequency (UHF), capable of highly efficient transmissions with wireless equipment. In technical terms, the antenna can send up to 2.4 billion cycles per second, allowing for a great performance.
  • S11: refers to the amount of energy reflected off the antenna. In this case, S11 is lower than -10 dB, i.e., if 4 dB of power were sent to the antenna, a number lower than -6 dB would be reflected. This means that there is minimal loss of information during flight.
  • Peak gain: this is the property of an antenna to transfer energy to the environment in the form of electromagnetic waves. Referring to a transmitter, it is how much power is transmitted toward the radiation peak. To put it simply, it is a means of comparing antennas in terms of how much power can be sent in a specific direction.

With these concepts in mind, we can understand how the FrSky Infinity 24 takes advantage of the best technologies in the business. With the S11 parameter, it’s capable of receiving up to 6.4 dB of power more than regular antennas. Then, a high peak gain maximizes transmission capabilities in a straight-ahead direction, offering a longer range than other antennas.

It’s important to highlight that this antennas’ input impedance is 50 ohms, following the standard value for radiofrequency equipment. This further illustrates how FrSky is committed to their clients, guaranteeing safe usage of the products.


The FrSky Infinity 24 Directional Antenna attached to a FrSky transmitter via RP-SMA connection

It’s clear, then, that the Infinity 2.4 GHz RC transmitter antenna was designed from the ground up to enhance the user experience. It is the result of several optimizations and uses the best technology in the market, with the goal of providing top-notch performance all the way down to the smallest details. You can get it right now to upgrade your FrSky transmitter at