What is the role of a 5.8 ghz amplifier fpv?If you have ever dreamed of making your drone flying hundreds of meters farther, all you need for your dream to come true is a 5.8 ghz amplifier. This is a tiny device that is built in the remote control, strengthening the signal between the RC and drone. While an amplifier is a device that mostly tech geeks are familiar with, we've put together a list of facts that will help you understand better the role and the way of operation of this device.


What is FPV

FPV means First-Point View. It is a method used to pilot radio-controlled devices, such as: drones, RC helicopters and toy cars, from the driver's perspective. Usually, the pilot controls the vehicle via a camera mounted on the device and a set of FPV goggles that help the pilot receive the image in real time. Aside from goggles, the driver can use just a video monitor.


The distance increases by 50-500m

By adding an amplifier to your RC, you get an increase in the distance that radio signals can travel. At a frequency of 5.8 ghz the remote control is able to send the signals up to 500 meters farther than it used to send without an amplifier. This allows you take even more photos by exploring larger areas than usual and getting access to more beautiful places.


Why sometimes the distance increases by 50m while othertimes by 500m?

When having an amplifier, you may rest assured that the distance will increase. The question is how much? Well, the main factor that determines how much farther the drone will be able to fly is the potential obstacles that may pop up between the pilot found on the ground and the drone during the flight. Such obstacles as tall buildings, TV towers, wind turbines and mountains can create a high interference strength and hinder the drone from flying really far. The maximum distance enhancement in a complicated flight environment will be around 100m.

When it comes though to an open field or any other environment with few obstacles, the flight distance can increase by up to 500m. So if you want to benefit from the amplifier's potential fully and enjoy a safe flight, you would need to launch the drone in a vast open space.


Sturdy and resistant material

A 5.8 ghz amplifier fpv is made of aluminium and boasts an anodized treatment that keeps corrosion at bay. With that in mind, you can rest assured that the device will last a lot and the need for its replacement will not appear soon.


Stronger signal

The amplifier not only extends the range but also makes the signal stronger. This feature ensures a safer flight, makes the commands travel faster which guarantees a better maneuverability and instant obstacle avoidance. Moreover, the strengthened signal helps suppress minor interferences, such as trees.


Weighs just 12g

The device weighs almost nothing so it doesn't require storage space or carrying efforts. You just install it and enjoy its wonderful effects without feeling its presence. This advantage can even turn into a disandvantage. You can really easy lose this tiny device so you are better off taking good care of it to prevent replacing it over and over.


Clearer image

The 5.8 ghz amplifier also helps improve the quality of image. While keeping the real-time video transmission high-quality as the drone flies away might be a difficult task for an ordinary transmitter, a transmitter with an amplifier will provide a clear image without delay even if the drone departs several hundreds of meters from the person piloting it.


Assembly requires some effort

Installing the device is a task that involves some hassle. People who are in good relationship with technology will find it easy putting the amplifier in place. You will have to unfold the remote control and fit the ends of the amplifier in some RC slots to establish the connection. If you are not sure in your installation abilities, you may ask a friend who is better at it to help.


Who needs an amplifier?

Generally, an amplifier can be purchased by anyone looking for a more immersive and exciting drone use experience. It helps send the drone farther and take more shots, which means that you will not have to change location every time you want to get new views. Whether you are an amateur drone user, a photography enthusiast or a film-maker, the amplifier will make your life better.

If you fear drone's crash after sending it hundreds of meters away, the references left by previous buyers come to calm you down. Most of them are satisfied with the amplifier's ability to keep the connection with the drone at large distance and they confirm also the improved image. So, after convincing yourself that the device is legit, you can place an order for it. A reliable website that will have you buy high-quality amplifiers at an affordable price is horusrc.com.