72MHZ RC Transmitter is a tech used to connect your aircraft to a controller. Did you know we use the same RC transmitters in our daily lives? A good example is in the real estate were the RC is used to opening garage doors or even to open and unlock car doors.

However, there has been a rapid growth of using the transmitter in Unmanned Aerial vehicles. Various industries in this field are making use of the technology to ensure pilots can communicate with their drones. Though, there are also various RC frequencies on can use in controlling their aircrafts we’ll talk about 72 MHZ RC transmitters.

What is a RC system?

A RC system refers to a device made up of two vital elements which are a transmitter and a receiver. In drone the receiver is usually placed in the drone and the transmitter is installed in the controller. This guarantees when you issue a command from the controller the airplane will follow the commands. The commands are sent through the air in real-time for the drone to respond accordingly.   

FPV Drone Radio Transmitter Mode

Before, buying a FPV drone one needs to consider the transmitter mode to use in flying. The mode is responsible for the airplanes movements. There are 4 modes one can opt for but only 1 and 2 are the most used modes.  

Each of these modes represents which stick does what. For example Mode 1 is throttle control on the right stick while Mode 2 has the throttle on the left. However, mode 2 is the one that is been used on drone to control it. Its easier to use unlike other modes which require a bit of experience to handle it. Moreover, once you get used to a particular mode switch to another might affect your skills.  

Gimbals: These are the sticks one uses to control a drone. In a Mode 2 transmitter you will find one stick on the left controlling yaw and throttle. While the other stick on the right controls roll and pitch. The gimbals can be adjusted according to size and tension.

What is 72MHz RC transmitter?

72 MHz RC transmitter is a radio carrier frequency that is used in controlling a RC aircraft. The megahertz operates via frequency modulated. The RC system is immune to electromagnetic interference which makes it easier for one to control a drone perfectly.  Moreover, the digital technology brought about PCM operation or pulse code modulations.

The PCM uses digital control signals rather than analog signals over the carrier frequency. This gives you a reliable link between a transmitter and a receiver for effective UAV control. Plus, the frequency is not prone to interference from outside sources.

Nonetheless there is a negative side to using the 72MHz transmitter. The system operates under a particular frequency channel within 72 MHz band. This means only one system should be operating in the frequency.

If there are various drones using the same band width, it will cause interference. This, in turn, is dangerous to the pilots and the drones as well.  This is why in some states it is illegal to operate a Ready To Fly craft on 72MHz. But if your airplane requires an extra channel to operate it you can retune the frequency to 75MHz.

Manufacturers are moving away from producing UAVs that use the 72MHZ frequency. This is because it is considered illegal and dangerous to the public. The sale has even reduced since consumers are avoiding such drones. This has seen manufactures moving to other frequencies such as 27MHz, 2.4MHz among others.

2.4 GHz is the most preferred frequency since it offers frequency hopping. One can manage multiple user frequency transmitting at the same time without causing interference. Additionally, the 2.4GHz scans the frequency band and finds the best available channel during transmission. This is why it is the most used frequency unlike the 27MHz.   


72MHZ RC Transmitter was the most used frequency in a transmitter to connect to a drone. However, there are certain states that consider the use of the frequency is illegal. For this reason manufactures have short the production of drones using the 72MHz frequency. They have moved to the production of 2.4MHz frequency which is safe and reliable. Though, if you are looking for 72MHz drones you can find second hand models in the flea market and online shops.