Taranis FrSky Manual For QX7S Radio

The FrSky QX7S is an excellent radio from FrSky but let us face it, almost all of FrSky radios or any OpenTX based radios are a bit of a pain to set up and get it running as the whole process is quite complicated and time consuming especially for beginners who are not yet familiar with the system and the processes to get their radios bound and on top condition for their flying sessions. As the radio is one of the only points of contact between the pilot and the craft and the most vital link, it is quite important to know properly the workings and the instruction of your radio to have an understanding on how to work and control your transmitter with this easy Taranis FrSky Manual for QX7S Radio.

Taranis FrSky X9D Manual For Beginners

The FrSky X9D is one of the first radios FrSky has ever released and was quickly succeeded by the X9D Plus edition which was then overtaken by the X9D SE editition and so on. This article is supposed to be a pre-face to the original FrSky X9D Manual so you can have a lighter version with quick pointers to get you up and running. Perhaps you got a second hand X9D radio or would like to pass it onto the next generations maybe for your son/daughter? In any case, it is vital to know more about the radio you are going to be using to control your crafts as it is the only form of control from your side to your craft and it is important to know its controls and functioning to the full extend before trying to fly. So, lets dive right in and see what the FrSky X9D Manual for Beginners look like .

FrSky New Protocol - ACCESS Protocol

In this article, we are becoming to match the FrSky New Protocol - ACCESS and ACCST Frsky Protocols and to hunt out If it's really worth to upgrade your radio. If you are a Frsky user within the past few years, then you almost certainly may have come around the term ACCST, which stands for Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology which is that the protocol employed by Frsky within their Radios in the past few years. FrSky has now recently released a newer Protocol, the ACCESS protocol, which stands for Advanced Communication Control Elevated Spread Spectrum that only supports the newly Released Taranis and Horus Radios. Let us dig a bit deeper and see what all these protocols are and what it means to your flying and gear.