Which Is The Best X Lite Pro FrSky Radio Receiver

The X Lite Pro Frsky radio has some awesome upgrades over the original X-Lite. Looking at the two radios side by side the differences are subtle externally, but the finish with the blue and matte black makes the Pro look much classier. The gimbals are now CNC metal gimbals and they feel great. The new game is now on!

How Is X Lite Frsky Radio? Let’s Check It Out

Get ahead of the curve with the next game-changing transmitter x lite FrSky. This revolutionary radio blends the functionality and reliability of many FrSky Transmitters with a compact Game Style controller which makes it unique. The X-Lite is ergonomically designed to bring in all the power features, featuring 4 switches and 2 sliders, which means you can still fly your Fixed-wing models as well as multi rotors and helicopters.

FrSky X7S Review with Pros & Cons

With the QX7 being one of the hottest selling radios FrSky has ever released, it was important that they update it with a slightly upgraded version and they released the FrSky X7S and in this article, we shall see what its pros & cons are, its specifications and features and finally decide to see if it is indeed a great value purchase in 2020. 

FrSky X XSR Review & Set Up With Radio

With reliable, inexpensive and a great line of receivers, FrSky has always been on the forefront of the radio game, spooling out new receivers every now and then. The FrSky X XSR is one of those receivers that had been used as the de-facto choice of receiver for FrSky receivers till recently when it was overshadowed by the newer receivers like the R XSR and the R9 series. 

Is Frsky X Lite Pro Worth Compared To The Normal Version?

In the last article, we have reviewed the Frsky lite and in this article, we are reviewing and doing a one on one comparison of the FrSky X Lite Pro - 2.4GHz Radio Controller. The Pro versions combine all the benefits and features of FrSky full sized radios like X9D, X9 Lite, along with the newly developed ACCESS (Advanced Communication Control, Elevated Spread Spectrum) protocol.