How To Perform The Dji F450 Fpv Setup

Dji f450 fpv setup is a task that requires much skill and accuracy. If you are a fan of electronics, you can avoid buying an already assembled drone, and choose instead Dji f450, which will give you the chance to assemble the aircraft from scratch. To ensure that you perform the setup correctly, you can follow the step-by-step guide below.

Why Do You Have To Do A Drone Flying Checklist?

Probably new pilots or experienced pilots don’t know that revising all your drones is so important to know that all is correct for start flying.

Writing An FPV Racing Drone Parts List

If you have ever seen a racing drone you might be very curious about the things inside it, since the majority of racing drones you see flying out there are made by the pilots itself, it would be pretty cool to know their fpv racing drone parts list, containing all the single components that make such cool machines fly so fast and be so agile. 

FrSky Taranis X9D Special Edition Review

The FrSky Taranis X9D was the long champ in the field of RC fliers for a long time till it got surpassed by the X9D Plus edition with extra features. Well, FrSky had managed to upgrade that model yet again and provides users with the FrSky X9D Special Edition with few more upgrades and a really cool looking carbon fibre body! Let us see what is in store for us with this radio from FrSky and see what features are waiting for us to use. 

How To: FrSky XM Plus Antenna Replacement

The XM Plus receiver from FrSky is one of the tiniest receivers and is perfect smaller sized crafts and drones. In this how-to guide we will dig a little deeper into the receiver and also look at the In this article/how-to guide, we will take a look into the XM Plus  receiver, its specs and an how to replace the FrSky XM Plus Antenna.