FrSky X8R Antenna Placement On Aircrafts

FrSky X8R Antenna Placement. In this tutorial you will learn how to place the antennas of your X8R receiver. Although this tutorial is about FrSky X8R antenna placement, it can also serve for almost any other radio receiver.

Great possibilities with Frsky modules

All  stations come with their internal frsky modules as standard as that of the rest of the station brands, but we can also find various external  modules for our Frsky stations with different functionalities as well as we can find Frsky modules for other brands and so on. be able to use them with our Frsky receivers .

How To Set Up The Frsky XM RSSI Truly Working?

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to set up the Frsky  XM RSSI, so you can predict  spontaneous fail-safes from your radio set up, in order to avoid losing or damaging your aircraft. 


Get Better And Better With FPV Gates

FPV races are by far one of the most exciting things in the FPV world, and seeing all those fast drones and pilots racing for the victory is extremely cool, but if you wanna be part of this, don’t think it will be easy - you will have to practice a lot, and nothing is better to do this than using a bunch of FPV Gates to set up your perfect racing line.

All You Need To Know About The Propel Mini Drone 2.0

The Propel mini drone 2.0 is a great all-round drone, suitable for beginners and advanced users combined. Initially used for military purposes, drones are now commercially and recreationally used for surveillance, videography, and photography. In 2019 there were almost a million users registered to use drones recreationally.