Definition: FPV drone

If you want a simple definition, FPV drone is just a drone - a type of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) - that is equipped with a camera, which wirelessly transmits a video feed to a device that is by the pilot (a headset, for example), displaying a first-person view (FPV) of what the drone sees in flight. This is why FPV drone racing is so popular among hobbyists.

The best FPV GPS module transmitter

In a market full of options for beginners, it is sometimes hard for more experienced pilots to find a transmitter with all they are looking for, such as a high-quality build, best FPV GPS module, and great menu navigation, for an affordable price. Well, the search for the perfect transmitter is over: I present the Frsky Horus X12S Transmitter with the FrSky Transmitter Horus X12S GPS Module!

Taranis X9E Features And First Impressions

This station is also known as the X9E, this radio is an evolution of the very popular FrSky Taranis Plus with several refinements plus the very obvious tray design . Radios tray are ideal for pilots who like to pinch fly, or need access more easily to additional entries, which are saved in buying a desk , in exchange pilots flying with thumbs they are more uncomfortable because it becomes more difficult for them to reach the controls throughout their entire journey.

Modules And Receivers For The Taranis X9D Plus Long Range.

In today's article we are going to talk about the options of modules and receivers that the Frsky taranis x9d plus company can incorporate. We will talk about the cheapest options and somewhat more expensive lagoons, so that all people regardless of their economic situation can try the experience of making long-range flights, for example with racing drones or with fpv wings.