FrSky X10S Mini Review & Set Up

In this article, we are going to visit one of the premium transmitter radios from FrSky - the Horus Frsky X10S radio, one of the top radios from FrSky in the Horus line up. The Horus line of products from FrSky are high-quality premium transmitters from FrSky with all top of the line specs. The X10, X10s and X12 are probably the three highest quality TX Frsky has ever made

Showdown: TBS CrossFire vs FrSky R9

We have previously seen why people tend to move towards 900MHz systems - due to the better range and penetration through obstacles due to the longer wavelength and shorter frequency. 

FrSky M9 Gimbal - Is it Worth it?

As most people flying drones are used to using FrSky products especially products like - FrSky QX7, X9D, X-Lite; and if you are one among them, you'd possibly have noticed FrSky has launched some upgrades for these products. Out of these, one of these upgrades is that the updated FrSky M9 Gimbal. In the course of this article, we'll inspect what a Gimbal is, what does it do and therefore the way does the FrSky M9 Gimbal stack against the stock gimbals.

The Best Products For An Fpv Ready-To-Fly Kit

If you have already watched a video on the internet of someone doing crazy maneuvers with a drone, or a beautiful cinematic video and want to know how to do the same but can’t seem to find the means and ways to do this, since there are so many options in the market, we can help you and the solution to your problems is an fpv ready-to-fly kit! 

FrSky R9 Mini Pinout And Detailed Explanation

FrSky R9 mini pinout. In this article we are going to check the FrSky R9 mini pinout, with a detailed explanation about how to use each pad, and for what porpoises. But first, let's see a small overview.