FRSKY XSR SIM USB DONGLE WIRELESS SIMULATOR / FRSKY XSR SIM USB DONGLE. In this FrSky XSR SIM USB Dongle review we will be checking the XSR SIM USB Dongle, which is an FrSky Wireless USB Dongle compatible with popular simulators. This will allow you to connect your FrSky transmitter to your computer wirelessly. 

Tips To Making The Most Of The RC Helicopter World

There are not too many things that equate the feeling of getting into the RC helicopter world by owning your first copter. There is a rush of fear and excitement that comes with watching your machine airborne and navigating the skies above. When choosing your first helicopter in the world of RC helicopters, it can be a rather daunting and stressful venture because of the numerous choices out there today. Factors such as the size ranges, brands, and their distinct capabilities all determine which one to go for

The Ultimate Guide to RC Helicopter Training Aids

Before you get to your first hover exercise, you need to understand how RC helicopter training aids work. You need to have training gear on your helicopter when you begin your journey at first. These training gears are some fiberglass, wooded, or carbon sticks that get arranged in a definite pattern. What the plastic balls at the end of each of the sticks does is to avert a situation where the sticks jam into the ground even as the helicopter moves around.

Protect Your Helicopter With A RC Helicopter Case

If you are an RC Helicopter owner you need to consider getting an RC Helicopter Case, why? Well because you would already know how delicate RC Helicopters are, they can break super easily.

How To Use A Protocol Galileo Drone App

The Protocol Galileo drone app is an app that is used to control the Protocol Galileo Drone. It is available in both Android and IOS. This is a drone app that connects the drone to smartphones and tablets through the drone’s built-in Wi-Fi signal.