How To Fly For Longer With Protocol Drone Battery Upgrade

Looking for a Protocol drone battery upgrade? Drones just don’t have enough battery life, do they? Drones are really awesome and cool but what if I told you that you could actually enhance your drone’s battery, so you could fly for longer!

FrSky X9 Lite Mini Review & Set up

The FrSky X9 Lite are some things to seem out for. It resembles the Taranis X9D Plus in its looks and yet it’s only a fraction of the value. But most significantly it comes with Frsky’s latest communication protocol – ACCESS. In this mini-review article, let us see how the FrSky X9 Lite stacks up against its bigger brothers and if it is a value for money product from FrSky. 

What Is A Feathering Shaft RC helicopter?

Many people have the question: What is a feathering shaft RC helicopter? Firstly, we should have a knowledge about the RC helicopter. An RC helicopter is made up of various parts; one of them is the feathering shaft. Though you spend a huge amount of cash purchasing the device, you have to consider other accessories. These parts tend to costly; hence, you need to budget accordingly. One of the parts is the feathering shaft, which wears out after some time, and you’ll need to replace it. 

How To Find The Best Mini Drone 2.4 GHz 6 Axis Gyro

What is a Mini Drone 2.4 GHz 6 Axis Gyro? Well, there are a lot of numbers in that word but it’s actually not that complicated. You see a ‘mini drone’ is quite simple it’s just a smaller more transportable version of a full-sized drone, a drone being ‘mini’ will obviously give you some disadvantages straight away like you may lose out on some flight distance, etc. But the good thing about mini drones is that it’s quite easy to carry them around and take them wherever you want in your pocket.

What To Know About Immersion RC 600mw Transmitter

For any drone to be controller and flown safely, it needs a immersion RC 600mW transmitter. This is what is used to send commands to the drone via a receiver. The two components have to be connected for the pilot to interact with the RC aircraft.