Why You Should Get Yourself a Hover Way Alpha Drone Pro

The hover way alpha drone pro is not just a drone, it is a drone with a difference. This drone comes with unique features such as live view using the HD 720P camera. Also, it has a 16GB MicroSD Card and three extra batteries. The Alpha drone pro by Hover Way also has a one-button takeoff and landing function as well as a one-button 360 degrees panoramic view.

Secrets To Make Your Fpv Drone Kit South Africa Look Amazing

Are you looking for an Fpv drone kit in South Africa? It was never this quick to purchase your drone! The horusrc.com now provides a convenient and reliable place to deliver your fpv drone kit from everywhere in South Africa with the same branding and organizations you already learned to trust. Only go to this site and pick and then get a significant finding for your design. A group of eager FPV drone pilots gathered in Cape Town for a flying day and brought along one of the awesome fpv drone kit cameras on the market.

Secret Techniques to Improve Fpv 3 Axis Dslr Brushless Gimbal

Looking to improve your fpv 3 axis DSLR brushless gimbal? Well, brushless gimbals are often used for aerial recording, however, with the dwindling scale of professional cameras, some feel that this might bring a major improvement for handheld style photography. Several brushless gimbal stabilizers have erupted during the previous few quarters, including several cheap DIY options. One proof of this is the package called fpv 3 axis DSLR brushless gimbal.

The Ultimate Guide for HD Sync Drone

HD sync helps you simplify the entire process of uploading the log files of your HD sync drone from your phone. Instead of you trying to connect the device to your computer and then have it transferred manually, it would instead directly upload the files. There are two sync modes available which are the manual sync and the automatic sync. Using HD sync will ensure that flights are uploaded to Airdata as quickly as the flight lands. Note that it is fully automatic and the flights will automatically synchronize from thence. 

Great Planes Taylorcraft Product View 2020

Great planes Taylorcraft is a must-have drone for anyone looking to explore the horizons. Though you won’t be on the plane, the ground, the experience is worthwhile. The drone is a replica of the actual T-craft models. These planes were used 70 years ago during wars for training and observation purposes. The first aircraft was used in World War II.