FrSky R XSR Manual Explanation

Thank you for purchasing FrSky R-XSR full dúplex telemetry receiver. In order to fully enjoy the  benefits of this system,please  read the instruction manual carefully and set up the decive as described below.

frsky taranis x9d plus mods

In this article we are going to talk about some improvements and some modifications that we can make in our frsky taranis x9d plus transmitters. This will help us improve our way of flying and make us feel more comfortable and safe during the practice of our hobby.

Choose Flysky Or Frsky?

In today's article we are going to talk about which products to choose between the flysky or frsky brands. We will look at different factors to make the decision that most convinces us. For example, the physical form of the transmitters or the price of the brand's products. Then at the end of this writing I will show a brief personal opinion about the products of these 2 brands.

The Great Variety Of Frsky Radio Transmitter

 - FRSKY Radio transmitter is a relatively new brand radio control compared to other masrcas of more prestige and antiquity such as Futaba , but despite their relatively young creation is having a great acceptance and much public .