How to choose an FPV goggle or head mounted display

Flying using FPV goggles is the most immersive experience you can have with a multirotor or fixed-wing. It can make you feel like you're in the cockpit, or it can make you sick. That's why It’s so important to buy the best goggle or head mounted display that is best for you. When you’re looking for a display to put on your head, you have two options; true wrap-around goggles, or a head mounted display. True goggles have two screens, with one eye each viewing one screen. This option is the most compact and portable choice for FPV. Head mounted display units have a single monitor. These monitor goggles are usually much cheaper than a true goggle option. Understanding terminology such as field of view, adjustable IPD, glass optics, resolution, digital head tracking and frequencies will help you pick the right FPV goggle.

How to choose a best FPV Camera For Quadcopter / Multicopter

When it comes to flying an RC multirotor or fixed-wing aircraft with first person view, one of the most important components is the FPV camera. The quality of the FPV image is directly related to the quality of the camera and the different types of cameras.

Since they are small and lightweight, a lot of the cameras used for FPV come to us from the video surveillance and security industries. These cameras come with two main types of sensors: CCD and CMOS.

FrSky Transmitter X9E Reviewed by Udo

Surprisingly you could download a config tool named companion for programming the model by using your PC . Two hours after starting it was like you've lived in a cave for a long time and suddenly standing in the centre of times square, thanks to OPENTX !

FrSky Horus X12S Detail Reviewe

FrSky pilot MIJABA has been lucky and is in the betatesting program with an early access to the Horus and is sharing with us all his experiences and sensations about this new and revolutionary radio that we think will provide people with a lot to talk about. The analyisis will consist of two parts: in the first one we'll talk about it's technical aspects and hardware, and in the second one, about the software and the operating system, along with some live tests and other features you might find interesting.

Without further delay, let’s introduce all the details of this fantastic and innovative radio.
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