FrSky S8R Firmware Update To Last Version

FrSky S8R Firmware Update. In this tutorial you are going to learn how make a FrSky S8R firmware update, so your receiver is updated to the correct firmware.

What Is An FPV HDMI Cable?

First Person View (FPV) HDMI Cables are most commonly used for transferring high definition audio or video between devices over a single cable. In order to make use of them, it is important that the devices you’ll use have an HDMI interface or ports.

The Best Fpv Drone Starter Kit

With the rising popularity of RC drones and the increase in pilots and lovers of this hobby, a wide variety of products for this activity appeared on the market, and with so many options, it can be difficult for a beginner to find an fpv drone starter kit. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the best drone starter kit available on, perfect for those that just started. 

Frsky S8R Review And Flight Modes.

FrSky S8R.  In this FrSky S8R review we will be checking the FrSky S8R, which is an autonomous receiver with built in 3-axis stabilization, that supports stabilization, automatic level, hover and Knife-edge flight modes. These features can be edited via the S8R configuration or by S8R LUA. It features 8 PWM outputs and up to 16 channels in SBUS. It has an acceptable size and weight for any aircraft (Dimensions: 46×26×14 mm (L×W×H) & Weight: 14g).

Drones Under Rs 2000 With Camera in India

How could you find drones under Rs 2000 with camera in India? From professional filmmakers and photographers to amateur ones, drones have become an essential part of capturing the most cinematographic visuals, and even so, some are used as toys. And while they might appear like fancy-tech toys, a high-quality drone is an effective way to add production value to a film project or even get your travel vlog to look 10 times more aesthetic. These visuals are achieved because a drone can reach certain areas and angles that a normal camera can’t. The mechanisms behind achieving an aesthetic view of buildings tops, aerial photography, and videography of practically anything high enough or remote enough to be captured via a helicopter, are powered by a gimbal. This further counteracts the vibration from the propellers. In order to achieve a low light performance, the drone consists of a bigger sensor than the standard one.