The Ultimate drone no-fly zone map Toronto Guide

Flying your drone in Toronto requires a drone no-fly zone map Toronto for several reasons. You need to understand that a drone is an aircraft and that makes you a pilot. When airborne with your drone, you need to understand that you will be in the air with other aircraft and drones. Hence before fly your drone in Toronto, there are certain rules you need to be mindful of.

Beginner’s Guide: LRP Gravit vision FPV

LRP has added another excellent entry to their quad-wars, the Gravit Vision FPV, with a WLAN camera. You can now easily monitor your drone's flight using your smartphone in real-time and get a bird's eye view. Both the image and video features are also on board with the camera being operated using the transmitter. Boasting a 'return function' allows a safe return for the pilot, and its three power levels make the first steps into FPV flight possibly easy. The extremely lenient flight features promise lots of airborne fun. 

What is Drone Idea-Fly?

Drones have been in existence for a while now. Over the years the drone industry has emerged to be one of the most profitable markets. Different firms have come up with new tech that meets users need whether commercial or recreational.

FrSky RX4R Receiver Detailed Review.

FrSky RX4R. The FrSky RX4R is an autonomous receiver that features 4 PWM outputs with low latency. The FrSky RX4R has all the previous functions of its antecessor, the X4R, but this new model is much smaller and lighter (Dimensions: 18×17×7mm (L×W×H) & Weight: 2g/ 2.4g (with two antennas)), and it can reduce the output latency, up to 9ms less than the X4R.

Understanding The Controls: How to Fly A Quadrone

When people think of a drone, it is a quadrone that usually comes to mind. This drone is controlled by four rotors, with each rotor consisting of a propeller and a motor.  A top favorite for recreational purposes, most enthusiasts also incorporate camera equipment to their quadrone that allows them to take videos and pictures from the sky. Since quadrones are usually for leisure and entertainment, it is less regulated compared to other drones.