5 Top FPV Antenna Shootout In The Market

The FPV antenna shootout has been intensely played in the market. For all those new to the game, FPV stands for ‘First-person view’ or remote-person view. In layman terms, it is also called video piloting, which is a method used to maneuver a radio-controlled vehicle from the point of view of the driver or pilot.

Best FrSky Receiver for Fixed Wing

We will go over the requirements for fixed-wing receivers and which is the best FrSky receiver for fixed wing along with its feature list, signal outputs and why you should choose the following receiver for your fixed wing build and fly with confidence. 

FrSky R9 Slim+ Long-Range Receiver

In previous articles, we have discussed the FrSky R9M system along with the R9M Lite as well, two Long-Range systems created by FrSky to overcome the drawbacks of 2.4GHz systems such as the lack of penetration around obstacles and lower range compared to 900MHz systems. In this article, we will check out the FrSky R9 Slim+ Long Range Receiver for the R9M RC link system and see whether it is apt for usage on your drones and other builds. 

FrSky RXSR Receiver Review & Wiring

This is where the FrSky RXSR Receiver comes in. At a smaller form factor, it provides the same full-range diversity feature as the XM+ but at the same time also provides you with an S.PORT pin to allow for telemetry back to your transmitter. 

Drone Stringing Transmission Lines

Drones have become more than just a high-tech gadget for the geeks as various industries have been finding applications for these unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Among these industries are power companies in the electrical transmission industry that use these UAS for drone stringing transmission lines.