An Overview Of Chicago Drone Laws 2017

All states in the US have their corresponding laws and regulations when it comes to flying drones. Federal drone laws apply to all countries in the US, including Illinois, and were made by the federal government. This is important because everyone needs to be made aware that drone flying cannot be done anywhere, anytime. There are laws about it, and everybody is expected to adhere to and respect such rules.

Getting To Know The BetaFpV Lite Brushed Controller

The BETAFPV Lite brushed flight controller V2 is a brushed FC pre-flashed with a Silverware firmware. It also comes with an integrated Bayang protocol receiver and supports an external receiver with SBUS and DSMX protocols.

Reviewing the BETAFPV Beta 75 Pro 2

Although many, considering this as a "whoop," you cannot really compare the performance of the BetaFPV Beta 75 to the usual 65mm 1S brushed quad. The Beta 75 Pro is 100% faster, more responsive, and definitely a lot capable than any 1S micro. Although honestly, it looks like a “small whoop,” this aircraft belongs to a separate and higher class.

What You Need To Know Before Buying A 50cc RC Biplane

Remote-controlled (RC) aircraft, including RC biplanes, are pretty popular with all ages. With their design, these types of RC planes are pretty good for smoother flights. But would it be a good model for first-time RC plane operators? If you’re new to the RC world, here are the things that you need to know first about biplane models.

Is Worth It Continue with XM+ for Rracing or Change to R9M?

In this article, we are going to see the differences between the frsky xm+ and the frsky r9m module and receivers, we are going to discover which receiver provides us with better characteristics and which firmware is better if the r9 firmware or the xm+ firmware.