How To: FrSky XM Antenna Replacement

Among FrSky receivers, the XM receiver from FrSky is one of the tiniest receivers and is suitable for a lot of smaller sized crafts and drones. In this how-to guide we will dive a bit into the receiver and also look at the In this article/how-to guide, we will take a look into the XM receiver, its specs and an how to replace the FrSky XM Antenna. 

FrSky R XSR 2.4GHz Overview and Antenna Replacement

We have already looked at the FrSky RXSR receiver and how it stacks up against the ever-popular XM series of receivers including the XM and the XM+. The full-range tiny receiver is So, in this article, we will look into the FrSky R XSR 2.4GHz overview and antenna replacement scheme for the receiver and what you can do to avoid damaging those fragile antennas that get easily cut off at the smallest crash.


In this article we are going to talk about some of the models and some receivers that use the 900 frsky frequency to perform long-range flights with our drones or our fpv wings. Next we are going to talk about some frsky devices with the frequency 900.

Best Guide for RC Helicopter Simulator Online Games

Just in case you do not know what RC helicopter simulator online games are, they are programs loaded into your personal computer and replicate flying in a real RC helicopter. They may come with a radio with a USB cable or a USB adapter which will help you connect your pre-existing RC radio into the computer using the trainer port on the radio. Certain wireless USB adapters are available for you to connect the radio.

The perfect RC Helicopter china price guide

Knowing the ideal RC Helicopter china price tips can prove to be the difference between a fulfilling flying experience and a bad one. Before you buy an RC helicopter, you need to know how to choose one, the price, quality, performance, and availability of parts. Best entry-level RC helicopters.