A Guide To Balance Bar For Your RC Helicopter

The importance of a balance bar RC helicopter cannot be overemphasized for several reasons. Basic physics makes us understand that no object will be able to lift except the gravitational force is overcome. RC helicopters can achieve this by using Bernoulli's principle. By simply rotating the rotor blades, the helicopter produces lower pressure air at the top of the blades relative to the base of it and creates an upward thrust. If your RC helicopter is struggling to lift, then it does not meet up with the laws of physics.

Buying A Refurbished Phantom Drone: Is It Worth It?

Many people are comfortable buying a refurbished phantom drone because the maker of the drone DJI is a respected and trusted name in the market. They currently have over a dozen flying devices under the banner of their brand many of which get fitted with high-quality video capture features.

The Hardest Beginner Fpv Setup You Can Have:

Probably you are a pilot that is starting to the hobby and want to build his first drone but you don't know which components to buy, here you have a list of the best components for beginners.

Which one: FrSky R9M Transmitter Module or TBS CrossFire? Pt 2

In the previous part 1 of the series “Which one: FrSky R9M Transmitter Module or TBS CrossFire?”, we have talked about the history behind switching over to 2.4Ghz radios from 27/72MHz and then lately been moving over to the 900MHz spectrum for more range and penetration through obstacles.

Why Do You Need A FrSky X9D Case ?

FrSky X9D and X9D plus is a great radio that you can even grab in 2020. It was the all-time favorite of hobbyists for the last decade Because of its robust and versatile design packed with tons of features. However, owning the radio is not all about it. We should be able to keep it safe and maintain it well. The radio is very delicate and fragile which may not be able to survive even a fall from a bench. Hence, utmost care should be taken while carrying and handling the radio. So we are going to check the need for having a FrSky X9D case for keeping your radio safe.