Which one: FrSky R9M 900Mhz or TBS CrossFire? Pt 1

The 2.4GHz spectrum has been in use for wireless communication for a long time and it was natural that RC radio links also trickle down to use that spectrum due to its high resistance to interference and additional bandwidth for multiple pilots to fly at once.  The FrSky R9M 900Mhz system and the Team Black Sheep Crossfire 900Mhz system has been around for a while now. The FrSky R9M 900Mhz system has been a centre of controversy ever since its release because Team Black Sheep has classified the R9M system as a “clone” due to its similar structure, working and specifics. But keeping aside the politics, let us see which one is the better one for you. In this two-part series, we will first see what the difference between 2.4GHz systems and 900MHz are and then in the second series, we will look into which 900MHz system is suited for you.

What Are The Best FPV Drone BNF

Can you imagine that the drone you bought has just arrived and with a few simple steps you can put it in the air, no solder, no screw to turn, not a single work to do, just open a box, plug the battery, bind the radio, and be ready to fly… this is what an FPV drone BNF is capable of offering!

Benefits Of Refurbished Drones Best Buy Sells

Getting the best-Refurbished drones Best Buy deals can be a rewarding move. Refurbished drones are simply drones that have gotten returned to their makers. Many times, these drones even get returned for an issue as small as damaged packaging. These models are passed through thorough inspection and tests to make sure they are in good working condition before being sent back into the market.

What Are The Best Drones For Hunting Hogs?

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