FrSky XM Plus vs XM - Which One Should I Choose?

We have previously seen an article about the FrSky XM Plus receiver and how small it is compared to the rest of the full-size receivers from FrSky and then looked at how to wire it up to your flight controller.

In this FrSky XM Plus vs XM, we will see which one would be more suited for your build. 

FrSky X12S - Is It Worth The Money?

As of now, we have covered almost all the transmitters FrSky produces like the FrSky X9D, the X9D Plus, QX7, QX7S,  X Lite, and in this article, we will look at the FrSky X12S yet again and see if it is actually worth the hefty 499$ price tag it comes with after going through its specifications and details along with its short review. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Drone Pesticide Sprayer?

A drone pesticide sprayer is a wonderful tool that helps take care of crops and ensure a rich harvest. If you are a farmer and have to treat with pesticide a large piece of land, you would be better off using a drone sprayer that will do the job faster. You will also get other benefits that we are happy to present to you in this article. We will also explain what a drone sprayer is and how it works, helping you get a clear understanding of this magical agricultural machine of the 21st century.  


In today's article we are going to explain how we should frsky xm plus binding with any radio model from the well-known company frsky

Why You Need To Choose A Drone Insurance Adjuster

Taping "drone insurance adjuster" is much more useful when searching for an insurance adjuster, as it may help you get a company that will assess your property faster. While this job may be dangerous sometimes, using a drone can make things easier, faster and protect the adjusting expert from injuries. In this article, we will explain who is an insurance adjuster and how a drone can make his/her life easier.