Taranis FrSky QX7 vs X9D Special Edition

We have already seen an article where we have discussed Taranis FrSky QX7 vs X9D and saw which one would be more apt for your use case. With FrSky X9D Special Edition on the market as well, we should probably do a comparison for both of them as well -  just to make things clear(er).

Why Betafpv Beta75x Is So Popular Among Drone Enthusiasts

Betafpv beta75x is a popular choice among all drone enthusiasts, especially beginners who don't have enough skills in piloting a rc aircraft. The whoop drone is compact, easy to maneuver and has everything necessary to help an amateur become a racing pro. Let's delve into the subject and analyse the most important aspects of this tiny machine. 

How To Charge FrSky NiMh Battery

In this article, we will look into how to charge FrSky NiMh battery and use it on your transmitter for some jolly good flying sessions or driving if you are into that as well. We have already discussed about the various FrSky radios in the market and how they work along with their reviews but we still haven’t got around to the part where we connect batteries into them and recharging those cells. In most cases, FrSky does not ship transmitters with batteries in them, so you would have to get a battery pack separately and will need to charge it .

The popular radio station Frsky Taranis X9D

The Frsky Taranis X9D is a station traditional format to very popular among fans made to the aeromodelismo especially pilots multicopteros for their versatility and excellent quality.

Which Are The Best Affordable Drones Philippines?

While taking shots from great heights was a luxury in the Philippines in the past, now it's available for everybody who can now access the list of best affordable drone Philippines and choose the cheap aircraft that they like most. If you are new to piloting rc vehicles, we've selected for you a bunch of easy to use drones that are popular among amateurs and are ready to help bring your drone flying skills to a new level, preparing you for bigger vehicles, greater heights and more captivating views.