How To Power Up Fpv Amazon

Intro info about power up fpv amazon if you ever wondered how to make a paper plane fly more than 10 minutes at a height of 300ft, you can find the answer by taking a look at power up fpv amazon. This device offers breath-taking views by combining a paper plane, a motor and a camera into an authentic flying drone that records the area in a variety modes while you are piloting from the ground. The paper airplane allows you not only to be the pilot but also the assembler by putting the parts together and getting it ready for a spectacular takeoff.

FrSky Horus 12S Short Review & Specs

We have previously discussed about the FrSky X9D, X9D Plus, QX7, QX7S and recently the X-Lite transmitters from FrSky but we have left out the most premium offering from FrSky - the FrSky Horus 12S (X12S). In this article, we will look into a short overview review and specs of the Horus X12S and see if it is worth the 499$ price tag.

How To: FrSky Receiver Antenna Replacement

We will take a dive into how these antennas work and then get onto the details on how to do FrSky Receiver Antenna Replacement when the time comes.Let’s admit it, we have all crashed and probably stripped or broken our receiver antennas at one point in time. Even not tying up your receiver properly can cause it to get in between the props and get chopped off - ouch! Just because you lost your antennas does not warrant for a new receiver, right? Of course not! Antennas are consumable and can be easily replaced and so in this How to series article.

The Most Popular Station Frsky X9D

The Frsky X9D is a traditional style station that has become very popular in the world of model aircraft, widely used by both aircraft and helicopter or multicopter pilots for its great versatility and multiple functions.

What Is The FPV Competition?

Years ago in the fpv world started to appear racing drones, between many pilots creating a race to start competing with their drones.