Why Drone Glasses DJI Are Considered The Best Drone Goggles

Drone glasses DJI provide the best ever experience of seeing splendid views captured by a flying drone. Using a wireless connection, the goggles allow you to enjoy breath-taking panoramas while piloting the drone from the ground. If you want to know what else can these goggles offer to you, check out the following list of features that will help you understand why this epic technology masterpiece deserves a try.

Small But Large Stations of the Frsky Lite Line

FRSKY lite is a line of stations offered by FRSKY a size a little more small but with similar features to their older sisters, usually a little cheaper , but very good options to get started.

A Complete tutorial on FrSky long range antenna Mod

The range of your transmitter is an important aspect of this hobby as it can even save up money by avoiding failsafe and getting connection lost with the receiver. Different transmitters have different ranges with different receivers and it depends on many other aspects as well. So in this article, we are going to learn how to do FrSky long range antenna modification.


How to Change FrSky Taranis mode 1 to mode 2

 When it comes to ‘Modes’ or stick alignments, different people have different choices. Some want to follow each way and stick to the one that they seem best for them. Some people want to follow the universal way and make their preferences the universal one. When it comes to transmitters, the most commonly followed method is Mode 2. So in this article, we are going to learn how to change FrSky Taranis mode 1 to mode 2.