The Best Surface RC Radio Transmitter

The Horus X10S Express is one of the best surface RC Radio Transmitter on the market. It is going to impress any RC enthusiast who analyzes each detail of this Frsky Transmitter. With it, you can control your devices the best and the fastest transmission rate, while having the lowest latency in the market.

How To Make A Successful FrSky XSR Replacement Antenna?

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a successful frsky xsr replacement antenna, in the case you have rip out or cut off your XSR receiver antenna. First, let's see what type of antenna and which length of antenna you need to replace your broken antenna.

RC Transmitter Tutorial: How To Improve Transmission Security

In this RC transmitter tutorial, you will learn how to enhance the security of your drone-transmitter connection with help from the FrSky RB-40 redundancy module. The growing popularity of drones has brought on a demand for improved transmission security in order to avoid the loss of drones flying in populated areas, on commercial operations like delivery and surveillance, or flying as a hobby.  

The Best Triple Rotor FPV Freestyle Drone

There are many models of FPV freestyle drone with quadrotors configuration in the market, with different applications, and sizes. And the FrSky VANTAC ROVER3 Tilt-Rotor FPV Tricopter and X Lite S Transmitter combo is an outstanding drone that comes with 3 rotors capable of performing as well as any other drone with quadcopter configuration, or even better.  

FrSky XM+ Review & Wiring Guide

We have previously seen an article about the FrSky XM receiver and how small it is compared to the rest of the full-size receivers from FrSky and then looked at how to wire it up to your flight controller.