How to Set Up The Frsky R9MM with The R9M Module?

In this tutorial i’m going to explain how to setup the R9M module and a frsky R9mm receiver in Betaflight. First we should know that the R9M is a long range module that works on the 900MHz band, this module is compatible with most Frsky transmitters.

FrSky X9D Special Edition Review

In a previous article, we have talked about how FrSky X9D was the de-facto choice in RC for a while till it got replaced/upgraded with the FrSky X9D Plus edition. Well, FrSky had managed to upgrade that model yet again and provides users with the FrSky X9D Special Edition with few more upgrades and a really cool looking carbon fibre body! Let us dig right in and see what the new radio from FrSky offers us and whether it is worth the money. 

Frsky RC A Brand with Posibilities for All Tastes And All Pockets

Frsky RC It is a fairly new company since it was founded relatively recently since research on electronics is progressing very quickly, it was created in 2010 as a company focused on the research and development of electronic components and is one of the most prestigious companies dedicated to radio control devices, produces both controllers (transmitters) and receivers.

FPV Frsky Accessories for Racing and Freestyle Drones

Fpv frsky accessories are many and very varied. Frsky and horus rc brands make and distribute a wide variety of items for fpv flight activity. It has stations such as the taranis or the most professional horus. They also have a wide variety of receptors. They also have modules known as r9m for large stations and r9 mini for smaller stations. I recently discovered on their website that they also sell controller boards with a built-in receiver.

How to Choose The Best Transmitter for FPV Quadcopter

No matter what you use your drone for -- be it racing, recording, or just leisure -- you need to make sure you have the best transmitter for FPV quadcopter in order to get the best bang for your buck. This transmitter must have a quick response, precise movements, and be comfortable for long days out flying. To attend these requisites, we recommend the FrSky Horus X10 Express Transmitter Boasts 24 channels with a Faster Baud Rate, available on