What is FrSky Receiver PPM Output?

Let us take a look at what PWM & PPM is, along with FrSky Receiver PPM Output in this article. PWM or Pulse Width Modulation has been the de-facto choice for receiver out for decades and for good reason -  it was direct, easy and simple to use. But as the need for more channels came necessary, it wasn’t logical to keep adding PWM channels, each taking an extra pin - enter PPM or Pulse Position Modulation which brings in multiple channels into a single pin. 

Introduction to the FrSky R9 900MHz System

2.4GHz Radio Link has been used for a very long time for Remote Control toys and equipment such as drones. Reason being that 2.4G has good bandwidth and frequency allocation to accommodate multiple transmitter and receivers in an area without causing interference. 2.4G transmitters provide a decent range, a Flysky i6 transmitter provides few hundred meters and the FrSky transmitter provide less than a mile. The FrSky R9 900MHz System is a long-range system designed to provide almost 10KM of range!

Frsky Futaba Comparison Between Different Stations

Frsky Futaba are two brands dedicated to radio control of different devices, they produce various types of components such as transmitters, receivers, servos, controller boards, etc ... This brand of station is older than they have since it was founded in 1948 and is practically new since it has only been with us since 2010 and has managed to be among the top brands quickly.

FrSky Taranis X9D Review Should You Get One?

FrSky has released N number of radios and their FrSky Taranis X9D family of transmitters are the most commonly used radios in the RC community because of its versatility and features & low pricing compared to competitions such as Futaba, Spektrum, etc., FrSky has managed to stay at the helm of the RC community as a whole. In this FrSky Taranis X9D review, we will look at the Taranis X9D and see if it is worth purchasing after all this time and whether it is the right choice for you.

How to Replace Your FrSky Taranis Radio Shell

 Chances are you probably own a FrSky radio controller (even if you don’t, this article can be used for other brands as well ;) ) and wondering how you can change the boring stock FrSky Taranis Radio Shell with a more colourful and catchy one. Or perhaps, you just want to make a custom coloured shell to stand out from the rest of the crowd.