How to Use FrSky Taranis Sound Files

Today we are going to see how to set up on your Frsky transmitter any frsky taranis sound files that you have on your sd card for next play custom sound track using a switch to play a sound track that previously we generated using a text to speech online services.

FrSky Taranis QX7S Review with Pros & Cons

In this brief article, we will look at the FrSky Taranis QX7S Review. We shall see what its pros & cons are, its specifications and features and finally decide to see if it is indeed a great value purchase in 2020.

Introduction to FrSky GPS V2 Sensor

The FrSky GPS V2 Sensor is a great GPS receiver from FrSky for its SmartPort capable receivers. Let us dive right in and see what a GPS receiver is and how it works. In this article, we will look into what a GPS Sensor is, how it works and how you could potentially use it in your craft for Return to Home functions and mission planning and whatnot.

FrSky Taranis X-Lite: The Best Beginner RC Radio Systems 2.4GHz

With more and more people joining the ranks of the RC drone community comes the need for products that welcome these new users, like the FrSky Taranis X-Lite 2.4GHz Radio Controller, a simple and intuitive transmitter with a familiar design, offering the best RC radio systems 2.4GHz for beginners, powered by the high quality and performance that made FrSky such a recognized RC brand.

A Brief Introduction & Review of FrSky GPS Sensor

In this article, we are going to cover the basics of the FrSky GPS sensor that has come in to play even before 10 years ago! GPS is one of the remarkable inventions that has many useful applications in day to day life. From simple navigation to advanced military purposes, it got a broad range of uses. Since GPS can be used to pinpoint the exact location with high accuracy, it got many applications and uses in RC Hobby.