What is FrSky Taranis Software?

In this article, we will look more in-depth to the FrSky Taranis Software and the differences between OpenTX/FrOS and RF firmware. In one of our previous articles, we have seen the differences between the EU_LBT & Non-EU(FCC) firmware for FrSky products and how that affects your range etc.

RC Transmitter Tray: A Performance-enhancing Accessory

As more and more remote-controlled planes and drones enter the lives of many people, along comes the desire for accessories to improve the user’s overall experience and comfort with their hobby, such as an RC transmitter tray. Because of this, FrSky has developed the best you’ll find anywhere: the FrSky CNC Aluminium Tray for Horus X10 & X10S Express Transmitters.

Everything Contained in The Frsky X-Lite Firmware

In this article you are going to learn everything about the frsky x-lite firmware. First of all we have to know which transmitter is the frsky x-lite. The frsky x-lite radio is a 2.4ghz transmitter that blends the functionality and reliability of FrSky Transmitters with a compact Game-Style controller. 

Best Frsky Receiver with Telemetry for 5” Racing Drone

Hence this tutorial is going to cover one of the FrSky receiver with telemetry that is best suited for Racing Drones. It is of prime importance to choose the right receiver for your racing drone as many attributes in it are going to matter the Performance of it. Each gram matters in Racing Drones and even if it’s a milligram that you can save, you have to save it in order to make it more powerful and faster. At the same time, sacrificing the most important features in a Receiver to save up the weight doesn’t seem like a good choice at all. Moreover, it has to be in small size factors to accommodate in the small housing space of the frame. Telemetry is one of the essential features that you must have and cannot be sacrificed for saving up weight. So there comes the question: Why do you want telemetry?

What is Frsky XSR-SIM USB Simulator Dongle?

You might have probably wondered What is Frsky XSR-SIM and if it got something to do with what I am saying. Yes! It is what I am talking about. You may have heard that FrSky has come up with a solution that allows you to connect your Transmitter wirelessly to your PC or laptop for Racing drone Simulators or for any other simulators as well.