Parts and tools required to build your own quadcopter drone

This is a summary of some of the parts and tools you will need when you build your own quadcopter drone for the very first time. Two types of drones will be covered here, the most popular types are “tiny whoops” super micro FPV quadcopters and the larger 5” action camera carrying quadcopters drones.

The Best Online FPV Simulator: Top 5

With all the online FPV simulators, which one is the best one for your commitment level, skill, equipment, and your end goal? While using an offline or online FPV simulator may help improve your skills overall by allowing you to form a muscle-memory. This is really a way to learn the basics if you never flew before and/or maintain your piloting skills when you can’t get out to fly. It is definitely the best way to decide if the hobby is for you by learning the skills needed to not crash the first pack you fly in real life. Online FPV simulators can be a real training device by allowing pilots to practice a track or even create their own. This allows the pilot to have a “muscle memory” of the track before they fly it for the first time.

Things you can do with Frsky Taranis USB Port

This tutorial is about all the useful things you can do with Frsky Taranis USB Port. Radio is an important Part of Drone or RC Plane Hobby. The way how you fly your drone depends on the Transmitter to a little extend. And it is very important to customize the Transmitter according to our Taste. If you are a Frsky or Horus Radio User, then you probably might have come across to see it has a Mini USB Port. 

How to Update Firmware on Your Frsky x7 radio

This is a step by step tutorial for updating your FrSky x7 Radio to the latest openTX Firmware. Why do you want to Update the Firmware in your Radio? The answer is obvious, It will unlock many features and improve the performance of your Radio. If you are still running the Stock Firmware in your Radio, then updating the Firmware will give you amazing results. 

How to: FrSky XM Receiver Wiring

In this article how-to guide, we will take a look into the XM receiver, its specs, and how to set up a guide for FrSky XM receiver wiring to flight controllers. The XM receiver from FrSky is one of the smallest receivers from its lineup which makes it suitable for a lot of crafts and drones.