Best Entry-Level FPV Drone: Innovation and practicality in the HX100 Quad

In the current 21st century scenario of technological innovation, BETAFPV is engaged in always presenting top of the line products, among which can be found the best entry-level fpv drone. The continuous search for the best performance and practicality, lined up with the highest quality in material selection, resulted in the creation of the BETAFPV HX100 100mm FPV Quad built-in FrSky RXSR Receiver.

Types of FrSky Sensors & Their Uses

In this article, we will look into the types of FrSky Sensors, what a sensor is, how it works, and whether or not you need one in your system. FrSky has been built an ecosystem of sensors and add-ons to their line of receivers and radio controllers for a more versatile selection of accessories in their portfolio.

Some Things You May Need for Your FPV Backpack Kit?

 Why many choose to use an FPV Backpack Kit? The FPV hobby is much more different than the RC plane hobby of the past in that most flights aren’t on an RC sanctioned field. What is an FPV Backpack Kit you ask? That question can only be answered by each user themselves because each pilot has different needs, budgets, and levels of skill and experience.

X-Lite S FrSky RC Transmitter: compact design and high functionality

FrSky RC transmitters present options for many different target audiences through a collection of versatile products in a scenario of countless models and applications for RC planes and drones. The Taranis X-Lite S model is assuredly among the main transmitters with the best value in the market today, the result of advanced technological improvements and a compact, innovative design.