The new Beta 75 drone: cheap, compact, powerful

Along with the growth in popularity of drones for video recording, competing, or just for fun, and amid so many heavy, expensive options, comes the need for a product such as the Beta 75 drone, available on HorusRC’s online shop.

ACCESS vs ACCST Frsky Protocols Is Upgrading to ACCESS Firmware Worth it? Let's Find it Out.

In this article, we are going to compare ACCESS and ACCST Frsky Protocols and to find out If it is really worth to upgrade your radio. If you are a Frsky user in the past few years, then you probably might have come around the term ACCST, which stands for Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology and that is the protocol used by Frsky in their Radios in the past few years. Now Frsky has released another Protocol, ACCESS, which stands for Advanced Communication Control Elevated Spread Spectrum that only supports the newly Released Taranis and Horus Radios. 

Things to Consider when Building RC Planes with Foam

When building RC planes with foam I think it is safe to say foam has become one of the most important materials for because of the ready availability and wide variety and use of low-cost electric power. It is much more economical for commercial suppliers of RC ARF aircraft to use foam than labor-intensive built-up balsa structures. In addition, the price for balsa wood, the traditional RC building material has continued to reach higher levels due to demand in other larger markets and limited supply.

Choosing the Best RC Transmitter for FPV

When choosing the best RC transmitter for FPV one should consider what your FPV model requires. Many things to consider are how many switches, pots, or dials you will need to access while flying FPV. What type of FPV will you be flying, FPV freestyle, racing, or maybe even videography. This guide for choosing the best RC transmitter for FPV will go through the time-tested models of the R?C hobby. There are many new radios out there that are too soon to tell if they are going to stand the test of time. 

How to Do A Telemetry Flight of DIY FPV Model Airplanes

Do you not know how to prepare your model aircraft or which components to use to carry out a telemetry flight for your DIY FPV plane? Well, this text is here to help you! We will give a brief introduction to why this data is important, discuss what are the possible data to be obtained in a telemetry flight and the sensors necessary for that data to be obtained.