FrSky XM+ & XSR - Which one should I use?

The FrSky XM+ & XSR receivers are one of the most popular receivers in their receiver product line. FrSky has been around for quite some time now and most of probably have a few FrSky receivers lying around.

How to Safely Monitor A Gas Powered Quadcopter Drone?

Like gas-powered quadcopters drones, the number of drone users is increasing and, although battery-powered drones dominate the market, there are also ones with combustion engines. This type of drone has applications in special operations, like agriculture. For monitoring the operating state of internal combustion engine models, sensors like the FrSky Gas Suite are recommended and they can be found in specialized stores, such as the HorusRC online store.

What is FrSky EU & Non-EU Firmware?

In this article, we will look at the differences between FrSky EU & Non-EU firmware and how it affects you and your craft. If you are familiar with FrSky and its products and have been flying or using their radio transmitters, you may have come across the term FCC or EU_LBT while flashing new firmware on the transmitter.

Frsky XSR –SIM: The Best Frsky Game Controller- An All in One solution For your Simulator Needs

FPV drone racing, as well the whole RC Hobby is gaining popularity day by day and simulator world is expanding. Simulators are really helpful in getting handy with the maneuvers if you are a noob and to improve your skills if you are a pro.  Because simulators will help to reduce the crashes in real life and saving the cost to get your craft airworthy again. And that is why it is recommended to try out with a game controller before attempting to fly a quad in real life. That is where Frsky Game Controller comes in to play because of its small size factor and wireless function.

How to bind FrSky XSR Receiver to Taranis radio

A receiver is one of the most vital parts of a UAV as it is what helps the pilot to control or maneuver his UAV where he wants it to move. FrSky XSR receiver is one such receiver that FrSky manufactures for its line of radio transmitters.