DIY FPV Race Gates that can help you improve your skills

FPV racing has become quite the rage ever since DRL started airing its FPV drone racing inspiring pilots all over the globe to design their own DIY FPV race gates. Once a pilot is able to navigate a drone with muscle memory than it is time for that pilot to start training for FPV racing and the main skill will be to navigate through a race gate or obstacle. Creating your own course with DIY FPV race gates will help you train yourself to be able to adapt to any FPV race track.

FPV Frequency Comparison for flying without Interference

When flying FPV there are many frequencies that our equipment will run on, this is an FPV Frequency Comparison that may help explain some of the confusion when it comes to “what FPV Frequency to use when you must still think about your transmitter frequency and not interfere with that.

How to Choose the best Frame type for Mini Quad Racing FPV

Mini quad racing FPV takes a lot of concentration and quick reflexes to stay in the air and not "crash out". The FPV Racing Frame can help you have an edge on the competition but ultimately it's all about the skill. You can have the lightest frame but if you can't put it where you want, then it doesn't matter. I would suggest getting a Mini Quad Racing FPV Simulator to practice racing without spending a lot of money repairing components due to crashing. There are a few good simulators out now like Liftoff, DCL, DRL, FreeRider, Velocodrone, and many more.

How to Choose the Best VTX FPV

The video transmitter is one of the more important pieces of equipment for FPV flying. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best VTX FPV. You need to consider the VTX power in mW, if you are flying indoors or outdoors if you are flying with others and also the bandwidth your FPV goggles or monitors can tune into. More features to be aware of are how easy is it to change and read the channels and bands. In the case, your FPV camera doesn't have a microphone and you prefer to have onboard audio, some of the best FPV VTXs have a built-in microphone.

The Best Affordable 4k Drone

One of the greatest possibilities of the development of drones for daily life is the popularization of its use for video recording and this popularization brings to the market more quality and high technology types of drones and cameras with much more competitive prices, such as the BETAFPV 85X FPV Whoop Quadcopter 4S built-in FrSky receiver that is an excellent affordable 4k drone and is sold at