What is the Best Beginner RC Transmitter?

With the growing popularization of RC FPV drones, many amateurs are looking for new gears, and, with that being said, the new 2019 FrSky 24CH Taranis X9 Lite Radio Support ACCESS and D16 Mode is a fantastic radio and definitely the best beginner rc transmitter to start with. Affordable and full of great features and technological innovations, the Taranis X9 Lite can be bought for only $80.99 at Horusrc.com.

The best RC airplane servos for you

If you have ever tried to fly a remote-controlled airplane, you know how fun it is to soar through the sky with your own plane without having to go through the hassle of a real plane, such as checklists, boarding times, and waiting in lines. But even if you haven’t, and want to get started, or even build your own, there is one component you must always have great care for: RC airplane servos.

The different types of quadcopter drones today for Industrial and Hobby use

Quadcopters: Four motors. Quadcopters are the most popular types of quadcopter drone multirotor design because they are mechanically simple, stable, and have a reasonable lifting capacity. The four motors on a quadcopter are arranged so each motor spins in the opposite direction than the one next to it. Two motors spin clockwise, and two counterclockwise. This creates rotational balance, keeping it very stable.

Drone Racing Simulator : get comfortable with the XSR-SIM

As the love for RC drones and airplanes grows, so does the development of drone racing simulators. These are software that helps amateurs and even pros train from basic to complicated maneuvers. The standard gear you would need to fly simulators is the same used at real-life flights: a controller and the radio’s trainer USB cable port. However, this common configuration normally brings a setback: annoying wires everywhere.

The Best Small FPV Quadcopter Video Recorder

Drones have become increasingly popular in the last years, from simpler use just for fun to professional use in competitions. Regardless of its use, the search for the best small FPV quadcopter has also risen, which is a specific drone category, focusing on small package, high agility performance, and a good video recording quality. Keeping up with this growing demand, many stores appear to offer a product with these properties, such as HorusRC.