Great and unique RC Airplane Kits to Build

As RC planes gain more and more attention from many RC hobbyists, the number of models that appear in big stores, like HorusRC’s online shop, is also rising. ZOHD, a brand that specializes in creating amazing Airplane models, took part in this growth as well. Thus, here are presented three successful RC Airplane Kits to Build made by ZOHD that you can buy at First, the Dart250G, one that certainly conquered the hearts of many users with its graceful lightness.

Unbricking Taranis Radios with OpenTX Operating Systems

A ‘bricked’ radio is one that is seemingly dead. In most cases, a radio in a bricked state will not respond to the user at when trying to power on the radio. One indicator of a bricked radio is that the speaker will make a distinct ‘pop’ or ‘click’ when attempting to power on but does not boot up. Essentially, there is a software problem that is preventing the radio from starting up the operating system, OpenTX. And although OpenTX is a great system, it is still software and is susceptible to bugs, glitches, or corruption.

FrSky R9 FPV Long Range RC System Review

When flying FPV long range it’s important to have radio connection that outlasts your video transmitter. 2.4Ghz has range up to 1.5+ miles, but sometimes you need more. That’s where the FrSky 900MHz R9 Series comes into play. Each model in the series is designed to work with FrSky radios without fuss.

HorusRC North America Service Center

Now you can get back in the air quicker! HorusRC is proud to announce the addition of the North America  Service Center. We can now officially service your FrSky radios directly from our sunny Southern California Office. Whether it’s a warranty claim or time to send in that well-used Taranis for service, our helpful staff will make sure you get back in the air quicker.