How To Get A Drone licence In Pakistan

If you look for information about how to get a drone licence in Pakistan, you are going to get a little bit confused. The country doesn't have a legislation on drone use that would be applied in all regions, except for some general rules. There are particular regulations in each federal territory, so you have to do your research well not to end up in trouble. Though we'll not analyze each region, we will try to make you familiar with the most important aspects of using a drone in Pakistan that every tourist should know before beginning his/her journey across the Pakistani sky.

Tips for Racing with Your Rise Vusion House Racer 125 FPV Drone RTF

With the increase in the use of drones such as the Rise Vusion house racer 125 FPV drone RTF in areas such as mapping and photography, more people are also interested in extreme FPV racing.

Perhaps you have been trying to race your drone on your own after watching a few YouTube videos before. The videos and events make drone racing seem very easy and quite achievable. But before you take the step to purchase a racing drone, you may consider slowing down a bit.