The Servo Mozilla project started back in 2012 as a community project aimed at creating an open-source search engine that can leverage multicore hardware. This got aimed at improving stability, speed, and responsiveness. Servo is comparable with WebKit, a browser engine that is the base for Apple's Safari browser.

The difference between Mozilla’s Servo and others is that it got written using the Rust programming language. This helps give it memory safety and best performance. The Rust code can reduce the number of bugs that would hitherto affect the engine of the browser. Servo deploys a unique architecture and operates on macOS, Linux, and Android OS.

What are the unique offerings of Servo?

As it is with WebKit, Servo does not function as a complete browser. The project is an experimental one that offers components that can display, load, and run applications and websites. The components include the following:

  • It comes with a Paint engine that transfers drawings to the GPU thus making sure that high frame rates get achieved and also putting less work on the CPU
  • It also has a parallelized CSS engine which helps speed-up the page load times. It does this while improving the level of stability.

Note that developers will be able to include these components into their customized projects including applications, products, and the likes.

What is the mode of operation?

What Servo Mozilla does is to leverage the parallelization offered by Rust to create multithread, multi-process browsing to your device. The servo code allows the browser function on high priority functions using a thread different from the main thread. The chances of slow code or unstable contents disrupting the main functions of the browser are quite low.

Note that the Servo code got created to be memory-safe because it got built on Rust. The ownership model of Rust ensures that there is memory safety with the compiler. Also, it assists with writing parallel code easier and safer. Using Rust, developers can recycle code with a view cutting development cycles. This guarantees a low entry barrier for Servo and allows newbie programmers to make good contributions without incurring unnecessary expenses.

Note that Rust code can also reduce attack surfaces on certain applications because it averts software faults. Also, Rust's memory can cut down the required time for QA and peer reviews.

What makes it all-important?

One notable thing about Servo Mozilla is that it is quite fast. Some of its components are faster than the browser components which got written using C++. The gains made in reliability and performance suggest that servo engines can operate modern applications with some free headroom. They are also able to scale to new hardware like VR headsets.

Note that the Servo browser is easier to work with than most of the other browser engines. This makes it the perfect base for experimentation and new projects.

What does Servo Mozilla browser change?

One beautiful thing about Servo browsers is that they give developers an optional browser engine that got written using Rust like WebKit. They can get embedded and applied for different scenarios.

What are the web standards supported by Servo?

Many web standards such as CSS, HTML, WebVR, and WebGL get supported by the Servo engine. Efforts are on to achieve full web compatibility.

The Servo, Mozilla romance

Mozilla began using Servo with the release 57 of the Firefox Quantum browser. The main focus of the Servo project now appears aimed at finding solutions to problems in augmented reality. However, the partnership between Mozilla and Servo seems to be bring much good fruits!

Final words

In summary, Servo Mozilla is a program built on Rust and can do a lot of things. One of the features of Servo is that it can run on JS and Wasm code. Note the difference between the web platform and the code which operates on a VM. Servo is the engine that implements the platform.

This search engine is dynamic and offers so much more than the regular search engine and can avoid some of the notable pitfalls such engines suffer. Servo’s Mozilla may not be the number one out there, but it sure ranks as one of the best!