Best Overall: HobbyZone Sport Cub S

While it may be tame looking, the HobbyZone Sport Cub S more than makes up for a bland design with performance, control, and price making this one of the best among the awesome RC airplanes listed here. Ready to fly out of the box, the Sport Cub doesn’t care if your experience level is beginner or expert. Unlike similarly priced models that are launched by hand, the Sport Cub takes off from any “runway” around 12 feet in length because four-channel controls provide a working throttle, rudder, elevator, and ailerons. Even for beginners, throwing the Sport Cub into a loop, swoop or turn is incredibly simple and allows for hours of endless fun makes it one of the most awesome RC airplanes.


Best Budget: HobbyZone Duet

This awesome RC airplane model has been a fan favorite for years, the HobbyZone Duet is a terrific choice for those who want to stay wallet-friendly without sacrificing on controls or performance when looking at these awesome RC airplanes. Ready to fly right from unpacking, this beginner-friendly awesome RC airplane keeps costs down by removing some of the extras found on more expensive models. In this case, the lack of rudder control or ailerons only allows for three-channel controls, but in no way does that cheapen the fun and makes this one of the best budget choices of the awesome RC airplanes listed here.


Best Seaplane: E-Flite Timber 

The E-flite Timber can tackle just about anything — it includes both tundra-style landing gear and EDO-style floats, which means that the airplane can handle the terrain you wouldn't expect for a model of this size and makes this one of the best Seaplane/Floatplane choices of the awesome RC airplanes listed here. The durable Z-Foam material means that it’s lightweight but sporty, sturdy, and accessible for both beginning and expert aviators. Easy-to-install leading-edge slats give the plane high-quality short takeoff and landing capabilities, which allow the plane to lift off or land in two feet or less. This is one of the best of the awesome RC airplanes here.


Best for Beginners: HobbyZone Champ

For beginners looking for everything they need to get started in one of these awesome RC airplanes, the HobbyZone Champ is the absolute best solution. It’s ready to fly right out of the box (which means no assembly required), so the Champ can be up in the air both indoors and outdoors (with the minimal wind) within minutes of unboxing. Taking off with this one of these awesome RC airplanes requires as little as 10 feet of runway space (although, add a little extra space for landing if you’re coming in fast) and the 150mAh battery allows the Champ to stay airborne up to 20 minutes, depending on performance and aggressive maneuvers.


Best Glider: E-Flite U2980 UMX Radian

There’s a reason E-flite planes continue to make this list of awesome RC airplanes: the quality is consistent across all manner of devices, including the UMX Radian, a deceptively powerful glider that’s both exciting and easy to fly. The AS3X technology enables stability in a large range of conditions, whether navigating windy fields or enclosed spaces. Although it's light, it’s hardy enough to handle tough landings, making it ideal for someone experienced at flying awesome RC airplanes, or someone who is just learning how to pilot. However, keep in mind that while the 43-gram structure can handle turbulence, it shouldn’t be exposed to anything as strong as a major gust of wind.


Best for Kids: FunTech 3-Channel RC Airplane

Because of its colorful accents and durability, the FunTech Remote Control Airplane is perfect for both enthusiasts and beginners alike when looking at all the awesome RC airplanes — especially kids. Coming fully assembled in the box, the plane, which has a 16-inch wingspan, is ready to fly as soon as you are. The FunTech Airplane is built for those not as familiar with the open skies: though its EPP foam body is lightweight, it can handle a few crashes as new pilots become more comfortable with one of these awesome RC airplanes. Though it is not capable of overly sophisticated maneuvers, with a little practice, pilots will be able to master basic stunts and learn how switching the throttle can change the elevation and acrobatic potential. It has a 10-meter range and can be used both inside and out thanks to an infrared remote control that improves stability and performance in the air making this the best choice for beginners or kids when looking at the many awesome RC airplanes available today.