If you are new to the drone racing world and are looking for a beginner racing drone to start a journey in racing you really should take a look at the Diatone Hey Tina Whoop, this drone is a perfect option for those starting in the RC racing hobby! A funny curiosity, or perhaps just a coincidence, but Diatone’s latest FPV drone shares its name with one of their SEO assistants.

Diatone offers its new Whoop drone with two power options and in 5 different colors (black, green, orange, blue, and purple). While the 2/3S (Whoop163) edition comes with MAMBA Racing MB1103 8500KV motors, the 2S (Whoop162) version has MB1103 12000KV ones.

Both power options for Diatone Hey Tina Whoop are available in Horusrc.com, in a version either without a radio receiver or with an XM+ receiver from FrSky. At HorusRC’s online shop (horusrc.com) this product can be found costing around $159.99.


A Resistant exterior and technological interior

The Diatone Hey Tina Whoop is a powerful whoop drone with a caged blade protector that makes sure the propellers practically never get damaged. This structure can be very useful in order to allow safe indoor flights especially if you don’t have a place with a lot of space to fly your drones or are just beginning to learn how to properly fly.

The motors, Mamba Racing 1103 8500KV or 12000KV brushless, are placed upside down with the 1.6-inch quadruple propellers facing downwards, which is definitely a refreshing design! It comes with a Mamba F411 AIO flight controller, which is flashed with FalcoX from FlightOne, and coupled to a 4 in 1 MAMBA  ESC of 13A Dshot 600.

The Hey Tina Whoop comes with an attached RunCam Nano2 FPV camera associated with a 5.8 GHz Mamba TX400MW 5.8 G video transmitter capable of transmitting at 25 mW but is also up to 400 mW. If you really want to improve the FPV experience, you can easily mount your Runcam Nano 2 camera in a flexible 3D printed TPU holder to further reduce vibrations.

 Since there is no battery supplied with Tina Whoop, you also may need to buy some new batteries. Diatone recommends a 2S 550 mAh or a 3S 450 mAh, with an XT30 connector. It does about 2 minutes and 40 secs of flight time with a 2S 450mah.


This drone has a very strong frame. Although the arms are made of plastic, the structure is sturdy enough and doesn’t cause any oscillation in flight. It’s the same material Diatone used on the older GT-R239, which has been tested by many reviewers to be one of the strongest micro quad frames. Diatone also put a label on the receiver cable to make it easy for new users not to connect the wrong wires.

Other SBUS receivers, as well as Crossfire, would also work on this Diatone drone, but involves soldering the wires to the flight controller. The flight controller is loaded with FlightOne FalcoX, so the pilot doesn't have to worry if they cannot connect it to Betaflight Configurator. FlightOne FalcoX is another flight controller firmware, which is a closed source, unlike Betaflight.

Easy to set up!

Setting up the Hey Tina Whoop is super easy: everything can be done through the OSD menu. There is no need to plug it into the computer at all! All of this thanks to FlightOne.

To set it up you just have to follow the instructions on the screen, which guides through moving the radio sticks and setting up the arm switch. It’s all very intuitive. Diatone even provides the steps in the paper, in both Chinese and English, for those who prefer traditional instructions. And even if the OSD menu isn’t working, you can connect the drone to the FalcoX Configurator, and it simulates the OSD menu.

The Diatone Hey Tina Whoop comes with four extra ducts of different colors and has WAAAY more power than a typical 1S tiny whoop, and therefore is also louder. But it can handle outdoor flights much better if it isn’t too windy.

To sum it up, if you are new to drone racing and are looking for your first racing drone, the Diatone Hey Tina Whoop is one you need to take a look at! It guarantees convenience, resistance, great performance, good quality throughout, and is available at an affordable price. So, go take a look at horusrc.com, where you will find this excellent beginner race drone!