You’ll find in the Diatone Hey Tina Whoop 86mm F4 2S/2-3S 1.6 Inch FPV Racing Drone exactly what you are looking for: the best beginner FPV drone in the market right now. If you are trying to get into the wild world of RC drones and, finally, getting your hands in that drone you have been dreaming of for ages.

Starting a new hobby - and a difficult one like flying RC drones at that - can be quite hard at first. But when you have a scapegoat with which you can test out the new waters, things begin to look a lot easier, and this little drone can take up that role splendidly!

Named after one of Diatone’s sales manager, Tina, this whoop that is a collaboration between Diatone and FlightONE, is so much more than what meets the eyes! Tina’s durability and affordability, as well as its easy setup and good flight performance, make it a drone perfect for beginners. You can get yours at!

Very resistant

Tina Whoop163’s frame is made out of plastic, not carbon fiber as the custom. Nonetheless, the frames themselves are very strong and its structure is very sturdy, not causing any oscillation in flight, which is not ever surprising, as it’s made of the same material used in the GT-R239 drone. This Diatone older model’s frame is believed to be one of the strongest among micro-quadcopter frames.

It also comes with four other colorful spare frames, so that even if you do manage to break one of the default black frames that come with Tina right off the box, you can just change the broken frame for a new one.

These two points, of course, are one of the main reasons it’s the best beginner FPV drone out there, as its good resistance makes it a really good safe trainer for a pilot that just started flying, as one does not have to worry too much about the machine’s structural integrity while still trying to get the hang of it.


Super convenient

This top battery mount Whoop features a 13A AIO board that's flashed with FlightONE Falco X. This not only makes the drone fly amazingly but also makes the initial setup a breeze, without ever the need for a computer. The On-Screen Display will walk you through the steps, making setting it up super easy. With Tina Whoop, you will have a perfectly ready-to-fly quad in no time.

You just have to follow the instructions on the screen, which talks you through moving the radio sticks and setting up your arm switch. It’s really intuitive! If that’s still not clear enough, you can find more detailed steps on the short manual that comes with it.

Also, the way in which the whoop is mounted allows the battery to be inserted and removed from the top and as well as exchanged easily, not to mention that it comes with its own case. All of these things make maintenance, transportation, and operation very convenient for the user, especially if he/she is a beginner.


Fly wherever your heart desires

The drone is designed to fly with 2S and 3S batteries, which means it can easily be used indoors and outdoor. The recommended batteries are 550mah(2S) and 450mah(3S). As expected, 3s is more powerful, being more suited for outdoor flights, or if you plan to carry some payload, like an HD camera. But, of course, it's possible to use different batteries according to each configuration.

Although Tina is also a bit on the heavy side, weighing about 60g without batteries as a price to pay for its sturdiness, that actually doesn’t lower flight performance too much, since its even weight distribution grants both maneuverability and stability. The whole thing is built upside-down as a pusher, which improvements the performance as it gets much more control compared to a typical whoop.

High cost-benefit

Considering that Diatone Hey Tina Whoop FPV Racing Drone features some top of the shelf components like TBS Unify 5V Pro VTX, Runcam Nano 2 camera and Frsky R-XSR receiver, as well as its previously mentioned positive characteristics (durability, resistant frame, convenience, and adaptability), it's very clear that this product has an excellent cost-benefit.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get the best beginner fpv drone at!