A drone flight simulator is a software program built to simulate the experience of flying a drone by using a real drone controller connected to the compatible device of your choice.

If you are a beginner or an experienced pilot you are going to use the simulator for different things, but it’s important to always select the best drone flight simulator that has the most realistics physics.

Now we can find too many simulators, but there are fourth simulators that are better than others.

First of all we have the simulator named “Liftoff”,  this simulator is one of the most known and one of the best drone flight simulators thanks to all the possibilities that the game gives to the pilot.

You can customize your drone, you have a lot of tracks and sceneries to fly and you can play online races or freestyle competitions.

Liftoff it’s not the best drone flight simulator only for the physics that it has, but if you find the perfect physics it can be the best simulator to practice your flying style.

You can download Liftoff on steam with a price of 19.99$

The next simulator is the “FPV air 2” game,


you probably have not heard about this simulator, but this simulator is one of the best simulators for drone racing, all the possibilities that this simulator gives you are incredible, when you download the game you have differents track for racing that are awesome but this game have some Dlc that are extra content but you have to pay it and it includes freestyle sceneries and a racing track creator.

This simulator have physics that looks like you are flying in real life and thanks to that this is one of the best drone flight simulator.


You can get the Fpv air 2 simulator on steam with a price of 3.99$, but there is a special pack with all the DLCs with a price of 14.99$


The next game is DCL the game,

 This is one of the most known simulators between the racing pilots community, this game is so famous because it is property of the Drone champions league.

This simulator with velocidrone is the best drone flight simulator, when you are flying you feel like you are flying a real drone, with this simulator you can’t create your own tracks but the tracks that come by default are enough to practice and enjoy this hobby.  

This simulator brings an experience to fly in special locations like the great wall of china, on the snow or in the city, and also you can get a chance to become a DCL pilot participating in the draft and place on the top.

You can try to beat other times with the ghost mode trying to simulate a race with another drone.

For me this is the second best drone flight simulator if you are a racing pilot.

You can get this game on steam with a price of 19.99$ or also you can get it for PS4 or Xbox one.


The last simulator is Velocidrone, the best drone flight simulator.


This simulator has the best physics and it gives you a lot of possibilities.

with this simulator you can practice freestyle and racing, you can use community tracks or official tracks, you only can use the drones that are in the simulator but are enough.

with this simulator you can join races every week and enjoy it.

You can play in three different modes, multiplayer, single player, or nemesis.

Nemesis is a single player but you have the option to fly with three ghost drones.

With this simulator you have betaflight integration, this means that if you copy your betaflight settings from your real drone configuration and use them in VelociDrone, it will fly exactly the same. VelociDrone offers the perfect way to keep training your skills without risking your quad and this is what this simulator is the best drone flight simulator, it gives you the best quality for practice without flying in real life.

You can get velocidrone simulator on Velocidrone.com or in the team black sheep website, the price of this simulator is 19.45$