In the current 21st century scenario of technological innovation, BETAFPV is engaged in always presenting top of the line products, among which can be found the best entry-level fpv drone. The continuous search for the best performance and practicality, lined up with the highest quality in material selection, resulted in the creation of the BETAFPV HX100 100mm FPV Quad built-in FrSky RXSR Receiver.

This drone’s main advantage is its lightness and small size, offering the pilot much more ease with bureaucratic issues regarding flight regulations. This drone also has a carbon-based technology in its structure, providing high resistance and durability despite its lightness, figuring it as a great investment for those who like to fly with the best and latest available technology in the market.

Another great feature is that it also is unexpectedly cheap. The HX100 is available for only $119.99 at, posing as one of the most inexpensive options in the market today, for its level of quality. This is great for amateurs, who are not yet sure if they want to invest too much in the hobby.


What are the advantages of the BETAFPV HX100?

The drone market around the world is growing more and more, and along with this, regulatory issues might make your flying experience impractical and very bureaucratic. To counter this scenario, BETAFPV developed a product aiming to make life easier for its customers.

BETAFPV HX100's proposal is to deliver portability and quality at the same time. The equipment has an extremely light and resistant structure with a carbon frame and a hard canopy. Coupled to the system, this drone has a Runcam Nano V2 camera which offers an incredibly good resolution.


Product specifications

The HX100 Quad is part of the first generation of drones made by BETAFPV with carbon fiber structure. Since it has no ducting around the engines and the props. this drone is much faster and more agile than the previous ones made by the company, which, in turn, results in an even better experience for the pilot.

The lack of duct does make the propellers more exposed, which increases the chance of breaking them in a crash. But, on the other hand, the carbon fiber structure is resistant, making the drone durable overall. For new pilots, who want the best flying experience but are still worried about crashes, the BETAFPV HX100 is the right drone!

It has new HQ 65/48 millimeter propellers, an F4 2-4S AIO 12A FC Electronic Speed Controller, powerful 1103 8000KV engines, an A01 VTX board and the Runcam Nano V2 FPV camera adored bt many hobbyists. Not to mention the built-in FrSky RXSR receiver that makes the drone automatically compatible with most FrSky transmitters.

Recommended battery-props association

The HX100 Quad comes mounted with 48mm 4-blade props in default right out of the box, which supports 3S power. In case the user wants to fly on 2S batteries, they can change to the 65mm 2-blade spare props. Both types of propellers have 1.5mm shaft holes.



Recommend Battery



 65mm 2-blade

300mAh 2S Battery



48mm 4-blade

300mAh 3S Battery



Why is the BETAFPV HX100 a differential in the market?

The BETAFPV HX100 has both structural integrity and design elegance without losses in performance. The top plate is super heavy-duty and ultra-durable. The run camera looks great. The Runcam Nano V2 is a popular choice right now for 100 mm size quads. On top of all that, the FrSky receiver is reliable and counts with all the necessary safety features.

When purchasing drone gear, it’s necessary to pay attention to some requirements that make all the difference when flying. One is the signal capture in different environments. In the open sky and inside concrete structures BETAFPV HX100 leaves nothing to be desired in this regard. It doesn’t lose signal even when flying in between closed structures.

BETAFPV guarantees the highest performance and will surprise you with the quality of the best entry-level fpv drone, HX100 100mm FPV Quad built-in FrSky RXSR Receiver. This little beast can be found on the, a complete website with numerous offers and promotions for you to enjoy and increase your collection of RC hobby products.