While the Torvol best fpv backpack kit didn’t really look any different from most other bags, it definitely felt different. From the primary moment we pulled it out of it’s packaging I could tell that the padding was very sturdy, and this included the dividers and compartments on the inside of the bag. you'll take care that your gear, when packed right, would be safe from bumps and dings within the Torvol. The inside has space for a  tiny low clothing bag (included), with a top roll out if you wish extra space for the necessities or additional gear while traveling. If not you'll roll it up nicely to stay out of the way.

Torvol Drone Explorer Backpack Open

The bottom of the best fpv backpack  is where you’ll find the dividers for separating your drone or camera lenses and bodies out which include compartments for your batteries, cables, and straps to carry it to a tired place. The front cover has several pockets, both zippered, and velcro, to place additional supplies in. The optional rain sleeve is additionally tucked away nicely within there. The laptop/tablet sleeve is accessible from the left side of the bag, and what I especially liked was there was an inbuilt, and padded compartment for your power cables right in there!

Basically, in a very small space, they set this bag up quite nicely so you'll be able to carry just about everything you’d need for a drone outing without having to fret about scratching anything up at all.

Drone Explorer best fpv Backpack kit  Front Back 

Who Is It Made For?

The Torvol Drone best fpv backpack kit is listed as “The best carrying solution for compact and foldable drones” and honestly, I'd must agree given how nicely designed the inside is. Everything just fit exactly because it should be irrespective of putting a drone within the bag, or some lenses. It looks like it had been designed for the adventuring photographer, someone who needs the space to make full use of their drone (or camera) and head out into the wild so that they could capture the proper shot. Effectively you have got enough space for your compact drone, some additional gear, a change of garments, and so within the top, some additional travel essentials. On behalf of me I used to be able to fit my small bag and bivy sac pretty easily within the top, with some food and a couple of sets of water on the surface pockets.

While you naturally don’t necessarily happening an overnight adventure with this bag, it's nice to understand that you simply can! Planning on traveling? As mentioned above, this bag is rated to suit in most airlines carry-on rules, and of you were to travel on it weekend adventure, the straps and padding on the rear are literally VERY comfortable.

Size & Capacity

I’m just about that guy who would rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. So one in all the items I enjoyed about this bag was its size! While not massive by any means, it's a bigger  fpv backpack and i can carry everything. As I’ve mentioned above you'll suit your drone in there with options for storing a bunch of other combinations, yet as clothing and accessories. So you'll just about steel oneself against any contingency.

Laptop Section

The best fpv backpack kit contains a well hidden and guarded section for a tablet or laptop of up to 15″ which also has an extra padded pocket for your power cable! Personally I loved this since it's always been a small amount of pain packing those cables with my laptop during a way that doesn’t incise the case. Additionally, since the compartment is on the “inside” of the bag, meaning it’s against your back, it’s even more protected against the weather also as external damage means you have to take a tumble. the great thing is, as i’ve said some times during this write up, the padding for all the important parts of this bag is a few of the more rigid, and comfy i’ve experienced in my time using and reviewing backpacks! After walking around with this on my back for each day I never once felt just like the laptop was awkward or poking into my back!

Bag Bonus’

The top roll out is both a professional and a con really. It’s fantastic for adding additional clothing or miscellaneous gear and accessories into, which could be a pro, since it’s just there once you need it. However, the con portion is, if you’re using this for all the world besides say, some additional clothing, you’ll end up coping with a cluttered jumble of a multitude in there if you contribute say a bunch of batteries, cables, and whatever else you opt to grab (that doesn’t slot in the baggage main compartment.

This is, well, reasonably a worst case scenario here as for this con you’re quite using the bag for a very purpose it’s almost intended for, but what quite artists would we be if we didn’t break some rules right?


So this may be rather minor of an argument to possess, but we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t play arguer irrespective of how minor a difficulty. So here’s the deal. With a weight of 2.3kg (or 5.07lbs) with nothing else in it, you’re already off to a loaded start, this probably is heavier for you but it’s a good option for this fpv backpack  where you can carry everything.

So if you’re planning on an extended hike with this bag, while it's totally comfortable, after a protracted time i’m sure you’ll start to feel weighed down.