Be aware, the X12S is no amateur radio. It counts with hall-sensor gimbals, openTX firmware, support for GPS module, an included comfortable strap, 3 options of finish to choose from, integrated gyroscope and accelerometer, training system, an stunning full-color LCD screen, and many amazing functions and features.

The Horus X12S is certain to impress pilots everywhere. This deluxe transmitter, which includes telemetry, is the flagship radio of the FrSky Horus line and can be bought at the HorusRC online shop at a great price. Check for all the specifications and more information on this amazing product.



An absolutely amazing transmitter

The Horus X12S is for sure one of the best transmitters that can be found on the market nowadays. The quality of the radio and the attention to details is off the charts. The assembly is made of custom CNC machined parts and the use of aluminum makes it light and durable. And there are three beautiful options of finishes pilots can choose from: textured, space gray, and silver.

But the thing that makes this radio truly stand out is not its looks, despite how amazing it does look, but all of the technology and features it comes with. And it all begins with the premium controls it has: adjustable hall-sensor gimbals, well-positioned slides, and switches, which include sprung, two-position, and three-position switches. All of that leads to a very comfortable flight experience.

The operating system it comes with is the FrSkyTX, a top-notch software that was developed by FrSky and allows for an easy, reliable, and powerful flight. But for pilots who want more flexibility, they can easily install an open-source firmware. Of course, one of the best firmware one could get is the OpenTX, which is fully compatible with this radio, and brings many new, highly configurable, features.

This radio uses the ACCST air protocol, which has been around for a while and is a favorite of RC pilots around the world, working perfectly with many receivers one may already have. But, for those who want to use some of the new and amazing features of FrSky’s ACCESS protocol, it is possible with the use of an ISRM RF module, supporting binding with 2.4GHz ACCESS and ACCST D16 capable receivers.

But the first thing that catches the eyes of anyone who has the privilege to use an X12S is the screen. And, to be fair, a full-color high-resolution LCD display is not something you see in an average transmitter. It allows for unmatched menu navigation. Of the all features it has, too many to list actually, one that stands out is the possibility of browsing all of the saved models, with custom images.

And on top of all that, there is the haptic feedback and the state-of-art training system, which eliminates the need of using wires. To make flying it comfortable for many hours, it has rubber pads on the back and comes with a wide neck strap to alleviate the weight. And, to transport it, it comes in a nice high-quality hard case casing, that is sure to impress your fellow RC enthusiasts.

FPV GPS module - know where you are at all times!

One of the technical features that make this Horus stand out, even more, is the built-in GPS module. This allows the pilot to have precise information on the drone’s location at all times. And, of course, it works perfectly in conjunction with the real-time telemetry that comes in its dedicated channel.

If there is any problem with this module, there is no need to worry. Pilots can buy a new X12S GPS Module at any time and substitute the faulty part. One thing worth noting is that, given the importance of the data obtained, a new module is really inexpensive, only $33,00 at