The BETAFPV FPV Whoop Racing Advanced Kit V2 (Frsky D8)  is now the best fpv quadcopter kit for pilots who are starting on this hobby.


The BETA FPV Advanced Kit v2 is the best fpv quadcopter kit for beginners to learn like skilled pilots to practice and have fun with a totally capable micro brushless quad that allows you to fly everywhere. This Beta fpv Advanced Kit v2 comes with a configured tiny whoop Meteor75 Lite for 1S batteries with brushless motors, this drone  has enough power due to advancements in the whoop industry.

All the material that you need to fly is included in the best fpv quadcopter kit, the fpv goggles, the radio transmitter, the tiny whoop drone, and batteries! You can use too your own high-quality goggles and radio if you have if from other Frsky compatible drones in your fleet!

Need something more easy to fly? You can check out the brushed tiny  Whoop Racing Starter Kit 2 if you want something even more affordable and beginner friendly. Same goggles and radio, but the only difference is just a brushed tiny whoop  Beta65S lite instead of the brushless Meteor75 Lite.


Features on the best fpv quadcopter kit:

-Beta fpv especially includes the new meteor 75 lite into the advanced kit. The Meteor 75 lite is a lightweight 1S tiny whoop drone that only weighs 28.8g, it’s simple to operate. With the high preference FC and motor, it gives pilots plenty of power to use in both options, indoor and outdoor.

 -The Beta fpv LiteRadio 2 is a radio that is super easy to bind and operate, it’s perfect for the starter FPV racing. It is powered by the OpenTX firmware, this radio has 8 channels that is enough and has a hobby-grade gimbal.

 -The BETAFPV VR01 is an FPV Goggles that has a  4.3 inches screen with a resolution of 800*480px with HD high brightness LCD, which is specially tuned for FPV racing or a Model airplane. Adopt an ergonomic design including a foam faceplate and a headband adjustable with 3 sides, this FPV Goggles are thinked to fit in your face and head perfectly.

 All the pieces that include this best fpv quadcopter kit are carried in a special customized case, which gives to the pilot a  better protection and a big facility to carry.

What is the Meteor 75 Lite Drone?


Beta fpv wants a cooler appearance and a increased durability, so they specially redesigned the first Meteor75 frame. This redesign makes the new tiny whoop Meteor75 Lite looks like a modern design and a cool appearance. Also, the Meteor75 lite is the first drone that is builded with the Lite 1S Brushless FC. Featuring the 1102-18000KV motors and equipped with the Gemfan props 40mm 3-blade propellers , pilots can get great speed and power with a good efficiency.

The batteries come with the new BT2.0 connector and not the older Ph2.0 connector that brings a lot of problems like voltage sag that has been solved perfectly, all pilots can enjoy 3-4 minutes flight with BT2.0 450mAh 1S battery.

 LiteRadio 2 Transmitter is specially designed to include it on the best fpv quadcopter kit mainly for FPV racing starters.This tiny whoop brings a receiver that is fully compatible with the Frsky D8 protocol and easy to use. Powered by OpenTX firmware. The transmitter trainer function is now available for this LiteRadio 2. It is useful for FPV racing students in training.

 The Spare parts included on this best fpv quadcopter kit are two pieces of BT2.0 450mAh batteries, a BT2.0 battery charger and tester that is super portable for charging. The extra batteries, USB charger, and spare parts are specially for easy repairs. Includes 4 extra props and 1 prop removal tool, convenient to exchange the props.

 Please make sure that the propellers are not scratching against the frame at any time. This probably damages the frame as well as to have risk of burning up electronics if the motors are blocked to spin freely.


This kit Includes

-1 * Meteor75 Lite Brushless Whoop Drone

-1 * LiteRadio 2 Transmitter powered with a 350mAh 2S Battery that is included

-1 * BETAFPV VR01 FPV Goggles

-4 * Gemfan 40mm 3-blade Propeller(1.5mm Shaft)

-1 * USB Charging Cable

-2 * Dipole 5.8G Antennas

-1 * BT2.0 Battery Charger & Tester

-2 * BT2.0 450mAh battery

-1 * Props Removal Tool

-1 * User Manual

-1 * Customized EVA Carry Case