Hence this tutorial is going to cover one of the FrSky receiver with telemetry that is best suited for Racing Drones. It is of prime importance to choose the right receiver for your racing drone as many attributes in it are going to matter the Performance of it. Each gram matters in Racing Drones and even if it’s a milligram that you can save, you have to save it in order to make it more powerful and faster. At the same time, sacrificing the most important features in a Receiver to save up the weight doesn’t seem like a good choice at all. Moreover, it has to be in small size factors to accommodate in the small housing space of the frame.  Telemetry is one of the essential features that you must have and cannot be sacrificed for saving up weight. So there comes the question: Why do you want telemetry?


Telemetry enables you to Receive Real-time Flight Data and characteristics and in short, it is a dual way communication between Your Transmitter and Reciever. You will be able to receive Data like Battery Voltage, RSSI ( Received Signal Strength Indicator), and other flight Characteristics like altitude (If related Hardware is supported, In this case, Barometer)  in your Transmitter if your Receiver has Telemetry Options.  

If you are able to know Battery Voltage in your Transmitter, You will know when to land the quad. If you are able to Know the RSSI ( Received Signal Strength Indicator) in Your transmitter, You will know when you should return your quad from not getting a Failsafe. Such Flight Data is really useful and important in order not to get your Quad lost.

Hence, Telemetry is highly recommended on your race rigs as you will know when your battery runs out of Juice. Overall, It will save up many components or even the whole quad. So lets briefly cover one of the best FrSky receivers with telemetry…



This is an ACCST and ACCESS compatible receiver. If you are wondering what are these both protocols, Go through my article on them here https://www.horusrc.com/en/blog/accst-frsky/. R-XSR has marked an era of Full Range  Receiver with the evolution from XSR. It can be considered as the small size factor of XSR Reciever as it has all the features of XSR and many more features and perhaps the best Frsky receiver with telemetry?        

R-XSR is 16 Channel Full Range Receiver with Smart Port Telemetry. It can output up to 16 channels in S.Bus and up to 8 channels in CPPM mode of output and switchable between these two. Moreover, It has soldering pads for both Uninverted S.Bus and  Uninverted Smart Port Telemetry in case your FC Doesn’t have an Dedicated Inverted S.Bus Pad.

The receiver is extremely lightweight as It only weighs 1.5g and as tiny as it will fit in your tip of the Finger. It accepts a wide range of voltage between 3.5-10v but I will highly recommend you to use a dedicated 5v like from Flight Controller to Power it.



Moreover, redundancy function is integrated Into this tiny receiver which is a feature that XSR is missing. In the Redundancy function, there will be two receivers, One is the Master and the other is Slave. The Slave receiver can be connected to the Master receiver through its S.Bus Input port. The Slave Reciever will act as a backup receiver.

If the master receiver goes into failsafe, the output signal from the slave receiver will be used until the Master regains a stronger signal. Hence the Drone or system will not go into Failsafe ensuring security. In simple words, the Slave will act as a Backup receiver or Diversity Reciever to support the Master or Primary receiver in adverse situations. XM+ is an ideal example for Slave Receiver


Antenna Replacement

 It is very easy and convenient to replace the antennas in it as no soldering is required at all. But make sure you get the IPEX 4 2.4ghz Antennas for it. Older FrSky Receivers have IPEX Connector and these antennas won't suit it, So make sure you get the right antennas for it which are the IPEX 4.

R-XSR is 1/3rd of XSR’s size and 1/3rd of XSR’s Weight with all the features of it making it a very good receiver that is suitable for all sizes of Drones. You can update its firmware and perhaps it might be the Best FrSky Reciever with telemetry.


We have covered some of the main aspects and features of the Frsky RXSR Receiver which is considered as the best FrSky receiver with telemetry. Moreover, the receiver isn’t expensive at all, and you can buy it under 20$. Hope this article has helped someone to know more about Frsky R-XSR.