When choosing the best RC transmitter for FPV one should consider what your FPV model requires. Many things to consider are how many switches, pots, or dials you will need to access while flying FPV. What type of FPV will you be flying, FPV freestyle, racing, or maybe even videography. This guide for choosing the best RC transmitter for FPV will go through the time-tested models of the R?C hobby. There are many new radios out there that are too soon to tell if they are going to stand the test of time.   


Futaba T14SG

The Futaba name has been trusted ever since the R/C Hobby began. This is probably one of the most reliable radios for a long time and is probably the best RC transmitter for FPV if you are using it for professional videography or industrial use. It is robust and the gimbals are particularly good and hold up to hundreds of hours of abuse. The build quality and materials are good and the screen is resilient and is scratch resistant.


Turnigy 9X

This is the best RC transmitter for FPV beginner that is on a budget and not sure if they want to invest a lot into their gear. This great little controller looks great and has a very good range of about 1500 feet (500m). The menu is a bit unintuitive so it does take time to get it setup. However, the controller also costs just $60 so you get excellent value for your money and make this the best RC transmitter for FPV on a budget. However, the 9X does have some downsides to it like the antenna cable is directly soldered onto the circuit board and a removable connector is not used. Therefore, to add on a different 2.4GHz module (such as a Frsky one), you will need to unsolder it first.


Spektrum DX6i

The Spektrum DX6i uses DSMX technology and has 6 two-way switches, 10 model profiles, and 6 channels. Does that make this the best RC transmitter for FPV? In order to control an FPV quad, you would need at least four channels at a minimum (roll, pitch, yaw, and throttle) and the DX6i has two extra channels that allow you to add extra switches as an FPV pilot but the switches are only 2-position switches which makes this fall short of being the best RC transmitter for FPV racing and freestyle. The DX6i, however, is quite easy to configure. The selector interface on the controller is ideal for beginners since it is very quick to go through the menu, which means you can change the settings easily but one major setback is that the screen is not backlit.


Taranis X9D Plus and Taranis QX7

Once you use this radio, you most likely wouldn't want to use any other one. For the relatively low price, the radio is loaded with features that you usually would need to pay a lot more money for makes this the best RC transmitter for FPV racing or freestyle. Loaded with completely programmable OpenTX firmware makes this Taranis very powerful and able to control and manipulate all of the functions and switches. At first it might seem overwhelming, but after setting up a few models you begin to see the possibilities this system and radio can accomplish. The best RC transmitter for FPV supports as many as 64 models and can connect with a computer for setup or simulator use as well. The feature most people enjoy is the ability to assign any switch, stick or other input to any channel desired, along with mixing and manipulating those channels. 16 channels with the ACCST protocol and 32 with an external bay also makes this the best RC transmitter for FPV. This is a great system for anyone interested in experimenting with the settings on a model. The 2.4GHz protocol is one of the best as far as distance goes at over 1.5km, and the quick response needed for FPV flying making it obviously the best RC transmitter for FPV.


Turnigy Evolution

The Turnigy Evolution is a cheap and excellent mini quad radio that sells at an unbelievable price and one of the first radios to offer the gamepad-style form factor making it the best RC transmitter for FPV if you are on an extreme budget. It is lightweight and is equipped with all of the features that you would like a transmitter for a quadcopter to have and ideal if you use your thumbs like on a video gamepad. It has a sufficient amount of switches needed for FPV flying and receivers are quite cheap. The range is also sufficient for putting this radio as the best RC transmitter for FPV for anyone on a budget looking for a gamepad-style radio.

There are many choices when choosing the best RC transmitter for FPV, just make sure it is what you need now and may need in the future. Happy flying!